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Published: 7May2013

As previously communicated, the Tri-Agency (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR) conducted a financial monitoring review at McGill in 2010 that now requires us to address significant concerns pertaining to the management of grant funds – more specifically, elements of McGill’s control framework for the administration of grant funds. A Steering Committee and Advisory Committee at McGill were created to direct and validate solutions proposed by the Tri-Agency Response Implementation Group (TRIG) to address the Tri-Agency recommendations.

As a result, we are launching the “Delegate Temporary Signing Authority Menu” (via Minerva), effective May 15, 2013, which will allow a PI/Fund Financial Manager to temporarily delegate signing authority during absences. The temporary delegation in Minerva will replace the current paper forms and will be in effect for travel advances, expense reports, and payment requests. This automated solution addresses the following recurring Tri-Agency monitoring visit finding while also streamlining McGill’s administrative processes:

“Only the grant holder can delegate authority to another individual for authorization of expenditures and the delegation must be made in writing.”

Per Tri-Agency guidelines, the delegate must possess the skill and knowledge necessary for the effective exercise of authority and cannot be implemented for “administrative convenience.” Please refer to the Knowledge Base article for guidance on this new delegation process and menu.

This solution was presented to and accepted by the Tri-Agency, the McGill Tri-Agency Steering Committee – comprised of members of senior administration – and a McGill Advisory Committee whose membership includes PIs, Faculty representatives, and delegates from institutional administrative units.

As you know, compliance with the Tri-Agency requirements is critical to McGill’s research mission. We count on your active participation in implementing this solution. 


Rose Goldstein
Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations)
Member of Tri-Agency Steering Committee

Michael Di Grappa
Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance)
Member of Tri-Agency Steering Committee

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