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Welcome to McGill and Montreal!

You can find helpful information for incoming exchange students on the Accepted students website, and on the International Education website. All new international students should also refer to the information offered by International Student Services.

Before you leave for your exchange, you should be sure to have your McGill courses approved by the appropriate office or advisor at your home institution. For our McGill students studying abroad, we usually recommend that they get approval for 8-10 courses in each semester, so that they will have options for the 5 or 6 courses they will end up registered for.

Throughout the year

In addition to academic departments, the Faculty of Arts advisors at OASIS will be a good resource during your time at McGill. You can find the current advising hours here. OASIS advisors can assist with questions about McGill academic policies, and can help you out if you're having any difficulties during your time at McGill with referrals to necessary resources.

You will be receiving emails from Arts OASIS during your time at McGill. Make sure you read these emails carefully as they will contain important information!

What to do if problems arise

Occasionally students experience serious problems which affect their ability to complete their coursework on time. If you experience medical problems or other personal problems which prevent you from devoting sufficient time to your courses or exams, please see your course instructor and/or an OASIS Faculty advisor.

If the situation interferes with the submission of term papers, the writing of midterm tests, or other class work, consult with the course instructor. It may be possible to arrange for make-up tests or extensions of deadlines. The instructor will require supporting documentation in the form of a doctor's letter or other relevant documents.

If you are unable to write formal final exams, or feel that withdrawal from courses or the University after the normal deadline may be necessary, you should consult with a Faculty advisor at OASIS. If special arrangements are to be made, supporting documentation will be required.

More detailed information on Course and University Withdrawal is available here.

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