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Course Withdrawals

After the Course Change (Add/Drop) Period, there is a period of time during each term when you may still withdraw from courses on Minerva without academic penalty. You may withdraw from your courses in any given term using Minerva up to the course withdrawal deadline. There are two deadlines to withdraw—one that will allow for a full tuition refund, and a later one with no refund. Withdrawing from your last course in any given term constitutes a University withdrawal.

Non-attendance at classes does not constitute a withdrawal. It will result in a grade of "J" (failure due to absence).

Registration Note: If you register in a multi-term course that begins in the Fall (example: ECON 230 D1 in Fall, and ECON 230 D2 in Winter):

Deadline for Course withdrawal with refund is the Fall term deadline for course withdrawal with refund (eg. the third week of the Fall term). Impact on your academic record:

  • Grade of W in the D1 section

  • The D2 section is dropped altogether from your record

Deadline for Course withdrawal without refund is the Winter term course add/drop deadline (eg the second week of the Winter term). Impact on your academic record:

  • Grade of W in the D1 section

  • The D2 section is dropped altogether from your record and you get a refund for that section.

Deciding whether to withdraw

You may wish to withdraw for a number of reasons, which may include illness, financial difficulty, or other personal issues, as well as recognizing that you do not like the course, or that you are not going to do well in the course.

If you are not sure whether to continue in or to withdraw from a course, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I understand the material?
  • Am I keeping up with the reading?
  • Am I passing the course?

You alone are responsible for your academic record. If you are thinking about withdrawing and do not take action, you may experience potentially serious problems. Be proactive, assess your situation, inform yourself of deadlines and rules, seek advice and help in your decision making. There are many resources available to help you.

Grades of "W" are not "bad" for your record; they have no effect on your CGPA and a few over the course of your academic career should not affect future studies or career goals. However, when there are numerous grades of 'W' on your record, some explanation may be required. A W does not necessarily mean you were failing the course; you are free to register in that same course at another time if you wish.

If you are thinking about withdrawing from a course, you may wish to consult with an Arts advisor at OASIS to go over your options.

What happens when you don't withdraw from a class you stopped attending?

If you miss a final exam, or fail to submit required coursework, you will receive a "J" instead of a "W" for a final grade in the course. A "J" grade is equivalent to a zero in the course and will count as such for your CGPA. A "J" grade remains a permanent part of your record; you will not be able to erase it. You could go into probationary or unsatisfactory standing as a result of a "J" grade.

Missed the deadline?

Permission to withdraw from a course after the withdrawal deadline has passed or from a deferred exam (approval has been granted and a grade of L appears on your Minerva transcript), may be granted for well-documented unforeseeable extenuating circumstances such as  severe illness or family affliction. These requests are handled by Service Point, and not by Arts OASIS.

If you wish to request permission to withdraw from a course, you must complete and submit the Late Course Withdrawal request form and provide any relevant supporting documentation to Service Point, who will review your request and inform you of their decision. Please note that it is not possible to request a course withdrawal if the final exam for any course has been written.

Myths about Withdrawals

  1. You can withdraw from a course by simply not going to lectures.
    • False:  You MUST withdraw from any class that are not intending to complete.
  2. Your professor or another University staff member can withdraw you from a course.
    • False:  You are the only person who has access to withdraw yourself from a course in Minerva or to make a request for a Late Course Withdrawal.
  3. A W looks bad on your record and damages your average.
    • False:  A grade of W has no effect on your GPA calculation and many students will complete their degree with a W on their record.
  4. You can withdraw after the deadline with the professor's permission.
    • False:  You do not need the professor's permission to withdraw from a course and a professor cannot withdraw you from a course.
  5. Ws on your record prevent you from entering graduate studies, medical school, or finding a job.
    • False:  In most cases, a W (or even two) on your record will not have a significant impact on your post-graduate plans. You are advised to consult the graduate program you are applying to for information on their admissions policy.
  6. A W means you were failing the course.
    • False:  A grade of W simply means that you withdrew from a class after the Add/Drop (course change) deadline.
  7. A W means you cannot take the course again.
    • False:  You can always register for a course again in a future semester.
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