Deferred Exams

Deferred Exams

Arts students who, for serious reasons such as illness or family affliction, have not written one or more final examinations (including take-home final examinations), may request permission from Service Point to defer the examination to the next Deferred and Supplemental Examination Period. Students apply through the Deferred Exam Module on the Student Record Menu of Minerva. For more information on illness during an exam, refer to the Illness webpage.

Students should be aware that all requests are subject to review and that deferred examinations are granted only for compelling reasons, verified and accepted by Service Point. Supporting documentation such as medical notes is required. Deferred exam application deadlines, procedures and regulations are listed on the Exams website.

If you are considering applying for a deferred exam, you should seek the advice of an Arts OASIS Faculty advisor beforehand. Your advisor can help you with decisions concerning whether it is best to request an exam deferral or late course withdrawal, what your course load should be for the next term, etc.

If you are approved to write a deferred exam, and you do not write the exam on its scheduled date and time, you will receive a grade of "J."

If you did not write an approved deferred exam (grade of L) for serious and well-documented extenuating circumstances such as an illness or death of a family member, you may submit a Late Course Withdrawal request to Service Point with your supporting documentation. Service Point will review your request and inform you of their decision.

Students in Summer Session courses should check with Service Point on the availability of and restrictions on deferred examinations in such courses.

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