J'Explore program

The J'Explore Program is a Five-Week French-Language Bursary Program offered by the Government of Canada. Please note that not all courses offered through this program can be granted transfer credit. Please review the list of J’Explore Universities to ensure that the university you wish to attend grants credits for this program and if so, follow Study Away Application Procedures below.

There is also a McGill Summer French Immersion Program,  for which you can apply.  There is no credit option for this program.

If your Minerva record shows that you are in your U3 year of study and you are planning to study away, please consult our Arts OASIS graduation checklist to be sure that you will be meeting all your graduation requirements. Students who are taking one or more courses at another university during their term of graduation WILL NOT be eligible to graduate at the end of that final term. These students MUST select the NEXT available term of graduation.


At the time of application:

  1. Have a minimum McGill CGPA of 2.0 and maintain this CGPA for study away eligibility.
  2. Be currently registered as a full-time student in a McGill Faculty of Arts BA, BSW or B.Th. degree. (See course load)
  3. You must have successfully completed at least 24 McGill credits by the start of your term abroad. Courses taken under the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option count as completed credits.

Application Deadline

SUMMER TERM - March 15 to July 15


Study Away Application Procedure

Arts OASIS will assess whether you meet the academic eligibility requirements to receive “Faculty Approval” for a McGill Independent Study Away (Summer).

PART 1: Consult the Explore program website to determine the course you wish to take.

PART 2: Apply for the course on the Quebec government website.

PART 3: Wait to receive your acceptance to the J’Explore bursary program.

PART 4: Review the application process and eligibility requirements for Independent Study Away (Summer) .

PART 5: Submit the Minerva Study Away Application before July 15.

  1. If you do not submit all the required information by the deadline you have been given, your application will be FACULTY REFUSED.
  2. If you have a "HOLD" on your Minerva record, please consult this website for information on the impact this will have on your application. If the hold is not cleared by the deadline you have been given in the "SAO comments" in your Minerva study away application, your application will be FACULTY REFUSED.
  3. Check your McGill email account regularly for important notices as this is our official means of communication during the application process and during your term away.

IMPORTANT: Minerva will time out within 90 minutes of inactivity so have your information ready to paste into the Minerva application so you don’t lose your work and miss the deadline!

Step 1: Minerva Study Away Application

  1. Verify that the University you wish to attend is listed on the Arts OASIS list of institutions approved for transfer credit, before proceeding with your study away application.
  2. To begin a Minerva Study Away request, you must go to the Minerva Study Away Request Form. To access the request form, log on to Minerva and navigate to: Student Menu > Student Records Menu > Exchange/Study Away Menu > Request for Study Away. For instructions, select the word “HELP” in the upper right hand corner of the Minerva screen.
  3. Submit a brief statement of purpose indicating your reasons taking a course offered through the J’Explore program.

Step 2: McGill Course Equivalency

McGill Faculty and departments are responsible for assessing course content and assigning course equivalencies for course taken at another university using McGill’s Course Equivalency System.

BEFORE beginning this step, carefully read the information under Transferring Credit, "McGill Course Equivalency" for an explanation of this process.

Step 3: Minerva Transfer Credit Assessment Form

The Minerva Transfer Credit Assessment Form must be completed by all McGill students completing courses at another university.

BEFORE beginning this step, carefully read the information under Transferring Credit, "Minerva Transfer Credit Assessment Form" for an explanation of this process.

You must complete the Minerva Transfer Credit Assessment Form concurrently with the submission of your Minerva Study Away application.

NOTE: If you take a French-as-a-Second-Language course taken at another university, you must take a post-test at McGill’s French Language Centre upon your return and the result of the post-test must be received by Arts OASIS before transfer credit can be assessed. You must follow the instructions on this website to complete the Post-test.

Step 4: Contact the Study Away team

Once your Minerva Study Away application is ready for final review, inform the Study Away team by submitting a request thru Arts OASIS Service Portal. You will not be able to edit specific course information or delete a course you have added to the Minerva Transfer Credit Assessment Form once the application review process has begun so email the Study Away team if you encounter any problems.

Your Minerva Study Away application is considered complete and will be evaluated only once ALL four steps have been completed. Once your application is complete:

  • The processing time for a complete application is normally 5 to 10 working days.
  • Your application will be granted a status of 'Approved' or 'Not Approved' in the 'Faculty Application Status' field of your Minerva Study Away application.
  • Once you have been approved to study away, remember to read the “SAO Special Instructions” section of your Minerva study away application and complete all the required steps.

Step 5: Transferring Credit

Once your study away application has been granted the status of 'Faculty Approved', read the information under Transferring Credit for an explanation of this process.

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