Transfer of credits (Post-test)

Post-test (Transfer of credits)


In order to receive FRSL credits for a French as a Second Language course taken during your study-away, please follow the procedure below. But first, make sure you have completed all the necessary steps prior to your study-away (see the reminder of the procedure here).


Arrange to have one official transcript sent to:

McGill University
Enrolment Services
Management of Academic Records
3415 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec
Canada, H3A 0C8
ATT: Arts Study Away

Please use the opportunity to order an official transcript for your own record.


If you took a French as a Second Language course at another university and wish to receive FRSL credits for it, you must take a post-test at the French Language Centre (FLC) as soon as you have returned. Please, note that transfer of credits is not automatic but pending on the post-test results. Failure to complete the post-test may delay your graduation.

The post-test is made up of TWO (2) PARTS: an online written test followed by an oral interview with an assessor (natallia.liakina [at] (Prof. Natallia Liakina)) from the FLC. Here is how you should proceed:

a) Take the online written test at home. To do so, complete the test here. The password is 5432. Please, do not use any dictionary to complete this test. 
IMPORTANT: the results for the online test will not be sent to your faculty; to finalize your transfer of credits, you MUST meet with an assessor (see next section).

b) To prepare for the oral interview:

  • Please download, fill out and send the following student form by email to Prof. Liakina: File form_student.docx
  • Send the course syllabus of the course(s) you took while away by email to Prof. Liakina (please send it along with the student form, in one same email).
  • Then, contact Prof. Natallia Liakina (assessor) by natallia.liakina [at] ( e-mail) in order to schedule the oral interview.

Once Prof. Liakina has received these 2 documents, she will send you a link for an online posttest interview on Zoom, based on the time slot you selected. Please install Zoom (free download from on your computer before the interview.

Once both your written and oral skills have been assessed, the assessor will issue a recommendation for a transfer of credit (with a more specific FRSL course code) and send it to your Faculty.




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