Transfer of credits (Post-test)

Post-test (Transfer of credits)

What to do after taking the course?

1. Arrange to have one official transcript sent to:

McGill University
Enrolment Services
Management of Academic Records
3415 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec
Canada, H3A 0C8
ATT:  Arts Study Away

(Please use the opportunity to order an official transcript for your own record.)

2. Arrange to take a POST-TEST when you have returned to McGill (see FAQ & information below). You may take your post-test along with regular placement test sessions:

3. Bring a detailed outline, including the method of evaluation, for each course, and a student copy of the transcript, to the French Language Centre at the time of the post-test.



1. Why do a post-test?

If you took a French Language course at another university and want credits for it, you must take a post-test at our Centre after completion of the course. Transfer of credits is not automatic but pending on the post-test results.

2. Which kind of test is it?

Post-tests have two parts: a written part and an oral part.

3. When and where can I take the test?

There are two possibilities :

a)     You intend to take a FRSL course next term :

                        You go to the Arts Multimedia Language Facility (AMLF), MS-37, McLennan Library Building (basement level), 3459 McTavish Street during scheduled placement tests sessions.

b)     You do not intend to take a FRSL course next term :

                        You go to Ferrier Building when you want after contacting kevin.papin [at] who will send you appropriate instructions.



For more information concerning these procedures please contact the French Language Centre at 514-398-8896

or kevin.papin [at] (Prof. Kevin Papin)