Killam Seminar Series: DBS in the MRI Scanner: From Contra-Indication to New Method of Optimizing Treatment of Neurological Disease

Mardi, 18 juin, 2024 16:00à17:00
Montreal Neurological Institute de Grandpre Communications Centre, 3801 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 2B4, CA

Grâce à la générosité des fiducies Killam, Le Neuro convoque lors d’une série de séminaires des conférenciers d’exception dont les travaux passionnent ses chercheurs et ceux de l’Université McGill. 

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Alexandre Boutet, PhD

Professeur adjoint, Université de Toronto, Canada

Hôte: abbas.sadikot [at] mcgill.ca (Abbas Sadikot)

Abstract: Deep brain stimulation (DBS) has become a standard of care therapy for movement disorders, particularly Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor and dystonia, and is being investigated in psychiatric and cognitive disorders. To date, more than 244 000 individuals have been implanted with DBS worldwide. During DBS surgery, electrodes are inserted into precise brain structures, usually part of the underlying aberrant circuit. The therapeutic effects achieved with DBS hinge upon selective stimulation of the intended structure through accurate and precise delivery of the stimulation—maximizing therapeutic benefits while minimizing spillover onto neighbouring structures that may produce adverse effects. Recent neuroimaging data have shown that the therapeutic effect of DBS may be better understood as a network effect. Thanks to recent advances in MRI safety, fMRI can now be used to probe the consequences of stimulation on brain networks. Specifically, it can be used to predict optimal DBS stimulation parameters, which could represent an objective biomarker of clinical response. This could streamline the current empirical process of individually titrating the stimulation, which is cumbersome for patients and costly for the healthcare system. This may represent a step towards the possibility of autonomous, closed-loop functional imaging-assisted DBS programming.

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Le Neuro (L'Institut-hôpital neurologique de Montréal) - un institut de recherche et d’enseignement bilingue de McGill, qui offre des soins de haut calibre aux patients - est la pierre angulaire de la Mission en neurosciences du Centre universitaire de santé McGill. Nous sommes fiers d’être une institution Killam, soutenue par les fiducies Killam.



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