Funding Opportunities

McGill MDCM-PhD students receive a $25,000 stipend for every full year of the program. Additionally, you are encouraged to apply for additional funding through external agencies for the Ph.D. portion of the program.

One funding option is the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s (CIHR) Canada Graduate Scholarships for doctoral studies (valued at $35,000/year for 3 years). Another is the Vanier CGS Tri-Agency Award (valued at $50,000/year for 3 years).

In light of recent funding cutbacks the MDCM-PhD program by CIHR, the Faculties of Medicine & Dentistry would like to reassure current and prospective trainees that resources are in place to support the program and that we are strongly committed to ensuring its stability.

Summer Research Bursary Program

The MDCM-PhD program gives you the opportunity to be involved in detailed scientific experimentation where you will source literature, work with methodologies, interpret, write and present findings.

In order to follow through with these goals, you are encouraged to apply for a summer research bursary. The Faculty of Medicine's Research Bursary Program has support available from MD PhD students in the summer term.  The Bursary program is also a means of preparing the research and communication skills necessary for the successful completion of the PhD phase. You can contact the Research Bursary Coordinator at 514-398-1603 or by email [at]

The process of choosing a Ph.D. supervisor and research laboratory during the first year can be a useful way to screen potential laboratories that coordinate with the Faculty of Medicine’s research bursaries. The Faculty of Medicine’s Research Bursary Program has support available for MD-PhD students in the summer term

You can contact the Research Bursary Coordinator at 514-398-1603 or by email [at]

Travel Funds

Yearly travel funds to attend scholarly meetings or conferences are available. Priority is given to those registered full-time in the PhD portion of the joint program. As a pre-requisite, you must apply for the McGill Graduate Research Enhancement and Travel (GREAT) Award.

Each McGill department has their own application form, deadline dates and requirements. Therefore, you will need to consult the individual department’s website for more information.

To apply for the MD-PhD program Student Travel Award, you should submit a photocopy of your GREAT Award application to: [at]

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