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For the Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery (MDCM), please consult the easy-to-use calculator at Student Accounts Undergraduate Tuition & Fees.

For PhD studies please see the comprehensive calculator of fees and tuition from the McGill Student Accounts office.

Admissions Process

Applicants to this program must meet all of the requirements and adhere to all of the conditions for the MDCM program. In order to manage the workload, applicants must have research experience.
In addition to the documents required for the MDCM program, applicants to the dual MDCM PhD program are required to submit:

  1. Two letters of reference from individuals who have acted as mentors/supervisors for your research activities. Make sure your letter includes these points.
  2. A research appendix containing a list of research publications and scholarly activities, as well as a one-page narrative describing your research experience to date, career goals and your subject of interest.

Acceptance into the MD-Ph.D. program is conditional upon being accepted into the four-year MDCM medical program.

Graduate research

The MDCM-PhD program considers applicants wanting to do a PhD not only in basic/clinical sciences, but also fields such as Epidemiology, Health Services Research, Biomedical Engineering, Health Economics, and Public Health. During the first year of the combined program, you begin the process of choosing a supervisor and research laboratory for the PhD studies. You must follow the PhD admissions process stipulated by your supervisor’s academic department. Research is usually carried out on a topic within the biomedical sciences (Basic or Clinical) available at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Departments. For a list of graduate programs in medicine please see the list of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Departments.

By September of year 2, with the help of the MD-PhD Program Advisory Committee, you must finalize your PhD supervision and confirm a department. The McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office must also accept this.


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