2023 Admissions

Campus selection

The MDCM and the Med-P Qualifying Year offered on two campuses!

For Campus Outaouais, the Medicine Qualifying Year is offered at l’Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO) and it is a partnership between McGill and l'Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO) and offered at (UQO). McGill professors teach the required science courses onsite at UQO’s Gatineau Campus, and the complementary and elective courses are chosen from UQO’s course offerings. The MDCM program is based in new and ultramodern facilities built on the site of the Gatineau Hospital in partnership with the CISSS de l'Outaouais. The language of instruction for the MDCM and the Med-P Qualifying Year is French. Clinical placements are at francophone and bilingual sites.

Since fall 2020, 24 students each year have inaugurated McGill's MDCM Program at Campus Outaouais.  Campus Outaouais and the smaller cohort offers a more personalized environment.

For Montreal, the Medicine Qualifying Year and the MDCM program are offered at McGill’s downtown Montreal Campus, in a larger, metropolitan setting. The language of instruction for the MDCM and the Med-P Qualifying Year is English.  Clinical placements are at bilingual or francophone sites. New 3rd year Integrated Clerkship opportunities are currently being developed in the local area and throughout the RUISSS McGill territory.

Students at both campuses have access to the same electives and can apply to the residency program of their choice during the final year of the MDCM Program. 

Selecting a Campus and Receiving an Offer

Candidates do not apply to a specific campus, but to the MDCM or Med-P Qualifying Year.  Interviewed candidates will submit their campus preference after the interview.

Upon completion of the admission interview, Med-P and MDCM applicants will receive a form to select where they prefer to study (Montreal Campus or Campus Outaouais). The Admissions Office will send successful applicants a letter with an offer of admission. In the letter, candidates will learn where they will complete their Med-P and MDCM studies. Successful applicants will receive an offer of admission which is valid only for the campus specified in the offer letter. The choice of campus cannot be modified during the Med-P year or the MDCM program.

Candidates will select only one of the four choices below

If I receive an offer of admission for the Medicine Qualifying Year or the MDCM program, I would accept an offer to complete the program:

  • At the Campus Outaouais only
  • At the Montreal Campus only
  • At either campus, with preference for Montreal
  • At either campus, with preference for Outaouais

This form is the only opportunity to express a choice of campus. The form is binding, and cannot be changed at a later date during the admission process, during the Med-P year, or during the MDCM program. Admitted MDCM students are not permitted to transfer their registration between the two campuses. However, various elective opportunities on both campuses are available to all MDCM students.

Offers of admission are made based on the final rank order list, taking into consideration: a) the candidate's choice of campus and b) the available seats at the time of offer. 

Candidates selected for admission will receive only one offer. For example, if you are placed on the waiting list and a seat becomes available in Outaouais, you will receive the offer if you selected the “Outaouais” or “Either” campus options on this form. For candidates who choose ''Either'' campus and receive an offer for their non-preferred campus, they can decline the offer, and will remain on the waitlist for their campus of preference (Montreal/Outaouais). Candidates who accept the offer for their non-preferred campus can also remain on the waitlist for their preferred campus. They will be assigned to their campus of preference only if a position is available.



  • Admissions selection criteria and curriculum for both sites are the same. We are proud to welcome candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply through an open, inclusive and bilingual system.  For the first round of offers, the campuses are assigned to pathway cohorts first. All candidates who apply to our Med-P Qualifying Year and to our MDCM program are assessed based on a standardized, rigorous selection process supported by current best practices and psychometrically valid tools.
  • Admission to the Outaouais campus is limited to applicants with Quebec residency status.   We welcome applicants from Outaouais, Montreal, and any other region of Quebec to express their interest in either campus! 
  • Applicants must be aware that courses are offered in French at the Outaouais campus, and in English at the Montreal campus. Clinical placements are at bilingual or francophone sites for both campuses.  Communication is a key competency for physicians.
  • Joint and special programs are not offered at the Outaouais campus (MD-PhD, MD-OMFS, IMG-2).
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