2024 Admissions

Non-Academic Criteria

The MDCM Admissions Committee attends not only to academic performance, but also to each candidate's non-academic qualities. The assessment of these qualities is carried out by way of the Curriculum Vitae (CVMD) submission, the CASPer test, and through the McGill Multiple Mini-Interviews. 

The qualities assessed include:

  • compassion, empathy, care
  • insight, judgment, common sense
  • integrity, honesty
  • adaptability, tolerance, flexibility
  • creativity, innovation
  • respect for others
  • intellectual curiosity
  • reliability, dependability
  • responsibility, teamwork
  • conflict or stress management
  • leadership, initiative
  • sense of assurance despite ambiguity or self-confidence
  • community involvement, social activism
  • professionalism, respect for the public at large










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