Because of the coronavirus outbreak, some services are limited.  Facility managers have been communicating details to users as reopening plans are slowly put in place.  Please do not assume that you may use any instrument until you have been told that the instrument is available.  Contact the relevant manager if you have any questions.  Please see the MC2 coronavirus page, the Chemistry Department coronavirus page, or the McGill coronavirus webpage for more information.


Solid-state NMR: Varian VNMRS 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer

Contact: nmr.chemistry [at] (Robin Stein) - Location: OM35

Use the McGill NMR booking system to book time

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Solid-state NMR
  • direct polarization and cross-polarization for 13C, 15N, 31P, and other spin-half nuclei in rigid and disordered systems
  • direct polarization and/or MQMAS and/or WURST-CPMG for many quadrupolar half-integer spins
  • deuterium lineshapes


Varian VNMRS 400 (two-channel, VT)


  • 4 mm Varian Chemagnetics T3: up to 17 kHz MAS, 1H-19F/15N-31P, ca. 50-80 mg sample
  • 7.5 mm Chemagnetics T3: up to 5 kHz MAS, 1H-19F/15N-31P, ca. 300 mg sample
  • Static wideline Chemagnetics T3: 5 mm coil, 1H-19F/15N-31P

Booking rule

  • Up to three days at a time per week, unless otherwise agreed with Robin or if spectrometer is clearly unused


  • Always run a chemical shift / sensitivity standard before running your sample
  • Always fill in rotor logbook and calendar
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