Solid-state NMR: Varian VNMRS 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer

Contact: kirill.levin [at] (Kirill Levin) - Location: OM35

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Applications (solid-state NMR)

  • direct polarization and cross-polarization for 13C, 15N, 31P, and other spin-half nuclei in rigid and disordered systems
  • direct polarization and/or MQMAS and/or WURST-CPMG for many quadrupolar half-integer spins
  • deuterium lineshapes

Console and magnet

Varian VNMRS 400 (two-channel, VT) with shielded Magnex widebore magnet (both installed 2009).


  • 4 mm Varian Chemagnetics T3: up to 17 kHz MAS, 1H-19F/15N-31P, ca. 50-80 mg sample
  • 7.5 mm Chemagnetics T3: up to 5 kHz MAS, 1H-19F/15N-31P, ca. 300 mg sample
  • Static wideline Chemagnetics T3: 5 mm coil, 1H-19F/15N-31P

Booking rule

  • Up to three days at a time per week, unless otherwise agreed with Kirill or if spectrometer is clearly unused


  • Always run a chemical shift / sensitivity standard before running your sample
  • Always fill in rotor logbook and calendar
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