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Users must undergo training in order to obtain instrument access.

Microscopy and imaging

To request training, fill out the MILab user request form and send it to the manager, Mohini Ramkaran (milab.chemistry [at]  She will then contact you to schedule training or to run your sample.  During the initial training, only one sample will be analyzed.  A second session will be scheduled within two weeks of the initial training session.

PDF icon MI Lab User Request Form

Mass spectrometry

Some of the instruments can be operated by our department users themselves following user training.  This includes the LCQ, Scion and Polaris Q.  To receive training, email nadim.saadeh [at] (Nadim Saadé) or alexander.wahba [at] (Alex Wahba).

Magnetic resonance

All McGill users can be trained to use liquid-state NMR, solid-state NMR, or EPR independently. Users doing small molecule liquid-state NMR who wish to run independently should start with level 1 (sample changers) and progress to level 2 (non-sample changer instruments). Other users will be trained individually on their samples. Solid-state NMR and EPR training is done on user samples and consists both of training and of setting up or developing a method to best study the samples. In some cases, non-McGill users can receive training to work independently on the McGill instruments.

To receive training:

  • if you have a McGill ID, fill out this form.
  • if you do not have a McGill ID, send an email to Kirill Levin at nmr.chemistry [at] (subject: NMR%2FEPR%20training, body: Name%3A%20%0AEmail%20address%3A%20%0AInstrumentation%20and%20level%20for%20training%20(liquids%20NMR%20level%201%2C%20liquids%20NMR%20level%202%2C%20liquids%20NMR%20special%20topics%2C%20solid-state%20NMR%2C%20and%2For%20EPR)%3A%20%0API%20name%3A%20%0API%20email%20address%3A%20%0AStatus%20(undergrad%2C%20grad%20student%2C%20etc.)%3A%20%0ADescription%20of%20sample(s)%20and%2For%20information%20you%20would%20like%20to%20obtain%3A%20%0AExperience%3A%20%0AAvailability%20over%20next%20two%20weeks%3A%20) containing your name, your email address, the instrument(s) on which you would like to be trained (solution-state NMR, solid-state NMR, and/or EPR), your PI's name, your PI's email address, your status (whether you are a grad student, a postdoc, etc.), whether you would like level 1, level 2, or special topics training, a description of your sample(s) or information you are looking for, any experience you have already with the technique you are interested in, and your availability over the next two weeks.

Thermal analysis and spectroscopy

To request training on TAS instrumentation and access to the TAS lab, fill out the TAS training form and send it to Petr Fiurasek (petr.fiurasek [at]

PDF icon TASLab Access Form

X-ray diffraction

To request training on the PXRD, fill out the PXRD training form and send it to Hatem Titi (hatem.titi [at]

File XRD Lab Access Form

Materials characterization

To request access to the DLS instrument, fill in the DLS Lab Access Form and sent it to Violeta Toader (violeta.toader [at]

GPC sample submission form

DLS access form


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