Sample submission

Sample submission

Prefer to submit your sample to our experienced staff rather than run it yourself?  Just fill in the appropriate form and send it in, or contact us directly.

Mass spectrometry

Send the sample submission form to nadim.saadeh [at] (Nadim Saadé) or alexander.wahba [at] (Alexander Wahba).

File MS Sample Submission Request Form

Microscopy and imaging

Fill out the MILab user request form and send it to Mohini Ramkaran at milab.chemistry [at]

PDF icon MI Lab User Request Form

Magnetic resonance

Email Robin Stein at nmr.chemistry [at]  Include information about the sample and about the information you hope to learn from the NMR or EPR experiment.  If you are not a PI, please also include the name and email address of your supervisor.

Thermal analysis and spectroscopy

Fill out the TASLab access form and send it to Petr Fiurasek at petr.fiurasek [at]

PDF icon TASLab Access Form

X-ray diffraction

Fill out the appropriate parts of the XRD lab access form and send it to Hatem Titi at hatem.titi [at]

File XRD Lab Access Form