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NMR/QANUC sample submission webform: 800 MHz NMR

Note: only use this form if you have been instructed to use it.  Otherwise, please tara.sprules [at] mcgill.ca (contact Tara Sprules) before submitting any samples.

The QANUC 800 MHz schedule may help you determine when your sample will be run.

Use this form to submit information about liquids NMR samples to be run by an NMR manager on the QANUC 800 MHz instrument with sample changer. Data will be sent to the McGill email address used to log into this form (see above). After filling in this form

  • label your sample with your sample name written neatly in the top inch or so of the sample
  • Parafilm the top of the sample (including over the cap)
  • Place your sample at the dropoff area next to the goods elevator.  Otto Maass is open between 7 AM and 7 PM, Monday through Friday
  • inform Tara or Kirill if your samples are time-sensitive and/or require special treatment

If you have a lot of samples to submit, you can use a spreadsheet - contact Tara or Kirill to obtain a template.

This form is only to be used for people submitting samples for automatic running on the QANUC 800 MHz NMR.

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