MC² organizes workshops on many of its techniques - and is open to hosting industry or user sponsored events. 

Recent workshops include:

  • NMR is Fun - August 16-17, 2022. Jointly organized with Université de Montréal and UQAM.  See the website for notes and future events.

  • Temperature-controlled microscopy workshop - October 28, 2021. Jointly organized with Linkam Scientific Instruments, ProSpect Scientific and Quebec Center for Advanced Materials (QCAM).

  • AFM summer school - June 10-11, 2019. Jointly organized with Bruker, Systems For Research and McGill's physics department.

  • NMR is Fun - May 14-15, 2019. Jointly organized with Université de Montréal, UQAM, and RI-MUHC.

  • Solid-state NMR is Fun - March 27, 2019. Jointly organized with Université de Montréal, UQAM, and RI-MUHC.

  • Thermal Analysis - March 20, 2019. Jointly organized with Mettler Toledo.

  • AFM - October 4, 2018. Jointly organized with ICSPI Corp.

  • GPC - June 28, 2018. Jointly organized with PolyAnalytic and Tosoh Bio Science.

  • AFM summer school - June 6-7, 2018. Jointly organized with Asylum Research and McGill's physics department.

  • AFM hands-on - April 18, 2018. Jointly organized with Anton Paar.

MC2 provides an opportunity for industries to show case their discoveries and the latest breakthroughs in their field through presentations by their application experts as well as technical demonstrations/discussions. Our workshops are well attended, usually attracting 25 and 50 participants. New or existing users, students across Quebec from various Universities, faculty, staff and even your industrial contacts are welcome. We can help with logistics, reserve rooms and help design an agenda based on the technique and the user needs. We can plan training that is lecture based, hands-on, or a combination of both. We can have instrument setup and ask the users to bring their samples.

For more inquiries, please contact petr.fiurasek [at] (subject: MC2%20workshops) (Petr Fiurasek).

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