Because of the coronavirus outbreak, some services are limited.  Facility managers have been communicating details to users as reopening plans are slowly put in place.  Please do not assume that you may use any instrument until you have been told that the instrument is available.  Contact the relevant manager if you have any questions.  Please see the MC2 coronavirus page, the Chemistry Department coronavirus page, or the McGill coronavirus webpage for more information.

Materials characterization

Materials characterization instruments

Welcome to our Materials Characterization Facility

For training and questions about BET or DVS, please contact hatem.titi [at] (Hatem Titi).  For DLS or PYSA, please contact violeta.toader [at] (Violeta Toader).

Please fill out the appropriate Sample Submission Form for any requests for analysis.


Brunauer-Emmett-Teller instrument
Dynamic vapor sorption instrument

Also in the facility

Coming soon:

  • high-temperature, semi-preparative SEC

Email mc2.chemistry [at] for more information.

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