Because of the coronavirus outbreak, some services are limited.  Facility managers have been communicating details to users as reopening plans are slowly put in place.  Please do not assume that you may use any instrument until you have been told that the instrument is available.  Contact the relevant manager if you have any questions.  Please see the MC2 coronavirus page, the Chemistry Department coronavirus page, or the McGill coronavirus webpage for more information.

MS Lab

Welcome to our Mass Spectrometry Facility

The McGill Chemistry Department Mass Spectrometry Facility (MS Lab) offers a comprehensive range of mass spectrometry techniques to researchers, using six mass spectrometers equipped with a range of ionization methods. The facility’s primary role is to support chemical research conducted within the Department; but can also serve other McGill departments, as well as outside academic and industrial groups.

Some of the instruments can be operated by our department users themselves following user training e.g. LCQ, Scion and Polaris Q.

The MS Lab is located in the basement of the Otto Maass Chemistry Building. Everyone is encouraged to use the services offered at the Facility and to get in touch with its personnel to discuss your questions in details.

For training and questions, please contact nadim.saadeh [at] (Nadim Saadé) or alexander.wahba [at] (subject: Access%2FTraining%20MS-MC2) (Alex Wahba).

Please fill and complete a MS Sample Submission Form for any requests for analysis.

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