Liquids NMR: Bruker AVIIIHD 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer

Contact: kirill.levin [at] (Kirill Levin) - Location: OM34

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Quick 1H, 19F, 31P and 2D; 13C for concentrated samples during day and for all samples overnight; other nuclei; high temperature and low temperature work

Console and magnet

Bruker AVIIIHD (two-channel, VT, z gradient, installed 2013) with Bruker Ascend shielded magnet (installed 2013).


BBFO+ SmartProbe: tuned simultaneously to 1H and to any nucleus desired between 109Ag and 19F (for example, 13C, 31P, 15N, 11B, 29Si, etc.); has ATMA (autotune) to switch between nuclei automatically

Backup probe for 1H and 13C work

Booking rules

  • Day (9 AM-8 PM, including weekends): one hour at a time, with same day sign up; two hours total per user
  • Overnight: unlimited (sign up same day)
  • Weekends: 12 hours per user (sign up beginning Friday)


  • This spectrometer is a good choice for overnight 13C experiments

  • The spectrometer can be used for high temperature (up to +150 °C) and low temperature (down to –150 °C) experiments. Training and/or supervision are required for such work

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