Because of the coronavirus outbreak, some services are limited.  Facility managers have been communicating details to users as reopening plans are slowly put in place.  Please do not assume that you may use any instrument until you have been told that the instrument is available.  Contact the relevant manager if you have any questions.  Please see the MC2 coronavirus page, the Chemistry Department coronavirus page, or the McGill coronavirus webpage for more information.


Liquids NMR: Varian Mercury 300 MHz NMR Spectrometer

Contact: nmr.chemistry [at] (Robin Stein) - Location: OM34

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1H, 19F, and 2D for high-throughput work; 13C for concentrated samples. Sometimes 31P (depending on probe installed).

Console: Varian Mercury (two-channel, z gradient)


  • AutoSW (most commonly used): simultaneously tuned to 1H, 19F, and either 13C or 31P (most commonly tuned to 13C). Has z gradient, so good for 2D
  • AutoNUC: simultaneously tuned to 1H, 19F, 31P, 13C. No gradient


100-position SMS sample changer

Booking rules

  • No need to book in advance
  • Sample changer is first-come, first-served
  • 90 min usage permitted per sample during the day
  • Longer experiments must run at night


  • Teaching labs use the instrument during termtime, but otherwise, the instrument is usually free
  • When the AutoSW probe is in and tuned to 13C, the HSQC is a good experiment – consider using it along with the basic 1H for simple characterization
  • The sample changer can only use 8” tubes
  • Pink NMR tube caps indicate that the tube belongs to the teaching lab – do not use pink NMR tube caps unless you are in an undergraduate lab!
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