Liquids NMR: Varian Inova 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer (“QANUC 500/Q500”)

Location: OM37

Contact:  tara.sprules [at] (Tara Sprules) (QANUC) or kirill.levin [at] (Kirill Levin)

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Applications *** Note the the probe that used to be on the Varian 500 is now on the Q500 ***

1H, 13C, and 2D with those nuclei; other nuclei (most commonly 19F and 31P) and VT, with training


Varian Inova (three-channel, VT, z gradient, installed 2003)


  • Current probe: SW (switchable): 1H (usual) or 19F (with training), and 13C (standard) or 15N or 31P (with training). Good for 13C detection
  • HCN: simultaneously tuned to 1H, 13C, and 15N, with z gradient (excellent for 1H and 2D, very poor for 13C direct detect). Has ProTune for automatic 1H tuning
  • H/F C: 1H or 19F and 13C, no z gradient. Best in facility for 19F

Booking rules

  • TBD


  • The QANUC 500 is part of the QANUC High Field NMR centre. Therefore the SW probe may occasionally be removed for several days in a row in order to collect data on the HCN probe. Contact tara.sprules [at] (Tara Sprules) if you wish to use the HCN probe.
  • Always check the booking system before using this instrument
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