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My Freshman Program

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The Freshman Program provides you the initial step of an internationally recognized education in a vibrant academic community with small classes and dynamic professors. Advisors play an active, crucial role in your Freshman Program.  They will be there to meet you personally, put you at ease, answer your questions, and guide your decisions throughout the year.

Your Advisors

Dr. Alice Cherestes
D. David Titley-Péloquin
The Freshman program aims to foster a sense of belonging, promote engagement in the curricular and co-curricular life of the university, encourage self-responsibility, and your Freshman Advisors are here to guide you along the way. They will help students develop and apply essential study skills, enhance critical thinking and communication skills, and explore interests, abilities, values, and options regarding the choice of a major and career. Every experience is intended to give the student both challenge, and the advisors provide the support to meet those challenges. Contact the Advisors: freshmanadvisor.macdonald [at]




Freshman Course Selection
The courses you need to register for depend on the degree you have been accepted into.  Any questions about course selection should be addressed to freshmanadvisor.macdonald [at]

Making your schedule
Use the Visual Schedule Builder to preview your future weekly schedule.

High school math a bit rusty? Not to worry. 
As a freshman student in our program, we want you not only to feel ready but to succeed in your Calculus courses. Therefore we administer a Precalculus Gateway exam to diagnose Precalculus skills. Based on your results obtained, you might be advised to register for a Precalculus course during the fall semester, concurrent with the Calculus course, to ensure a sound mathematical progress.  More details can be obtained during the first week of classes or from the freshmanadvisor.macdonald [at] (Freshman Advisors).


Supplemental Instruction


Not all learning occurs in the classroom. We create shared intellectual experiences among student cohorts while also establishing early connections between students and faculty members

Certain concepts covered in class not quite clear yet? 
Always start by seeing your course instructor.  Freshman course instructors have an open door policy for availability and weekly posted office hours.

Peer tutoring is available in every freshman science course.  Your peer tutors will be available basis for one on one or group tutoring session. Private tutors are also available upon request.

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