In-Course Faculty Scholarships in Dairy Production

Undergraduate students in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences who interested in dairy or dairy cattle production may be eligible to receive an in-course scholarship.  This is an...

In-Course Faculty Athletics Scholarships

The online form is currently closed and will reopen in March 2019 for students registered in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Interview with Lawrence Goodridge, Professor and Salmonella Researcher

Published: 13Aug2015

Professor Lawrence Goodridge, Ian and Jayne Munro Chair in Food Safety and Food Science professor, was interviewed by Food Safety News about his $9.8 M  Salmonella research project while attending...

The hygiene hypothesis: Is it good to be dirty?


The third talk in the "4 O'Clock Forum" series will be given by Prof. Tim Geary, director of the Institute of Parasitology.

Biofuels, from the ground up


The second talk in the "4 O'Clock Forum" series will be given by Professor Don Smith, Plant Science Deaprtment.