What’s all the fuss about VPN and 2FA?

29 Oct 2020

VPN (Virtual Private Network) and 2FA (two-factor authentication) have become buzz words lately, because they are required for maintaining the security of McGill sensitive systems and data when...

Zoom Security: Myth vs Reality for Remote Teaching

6 Apr 2020

The Zoom web conferencing solution has recently risen to the forefront of the news with regards to concerns for cybersecurity and privacy. McGill wants to reassure our Zoom users that we have put...

Job Seekers: Beware of job offer scams!

28 Mar 2024

As various news stories have reported, employment fraud is becoming increasingly sophisticated and common. Anyone can fall prey! The impact on victims can be devastating on both a personal and...

Data Privacy Day contest update: Announcing the winners, and your privacy-aware entries!

18 Mar 2022

To celebrate Data Privacy Day (January 28) we launched a McGill-wide contest to emphasize why data privacy should be important to you. The first and second-place prizes were a $100 and $50 e-gift...

Celebrate Data Privacy Day - January 28, 2022

18 Jan 2022

Data Privacy Day on January 28 highlights the value of personal information. ...

The value of phishing simulations

18 Jan 2022

Phishing simulation exercises are like fire drills for cyber security. Over the last few years IT Services has begun sending out fake emails to the McGill community, designed to pique your interest...

Online shopping: Advantages and pitfalls

7 Jun 2020

Online shopping is wildly popular worldwide because of the convenience it affords consumers. However, there are some dangers to be aware of:


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