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Cell phone plans

Cellphone service providers are different companies in Canada. Some students, particularly those from the U.S. may be able to extend their current plan to allow for their move to Canada. However, many students may find it cheaper and more practical to obtain a new cellphone and plan here in Montreal. Please note that our office does not endorse any one provider.

Getting a phone

Some companies will provide a free phone/device when you sign into a plan with them. However, you can always check the McGill classifieds for used phones. Some service providers may also sell used certified phones at a discounted rate.

Deciding on a planKoodoo Mobile logo

  • What is important to you to have?
  • What will you use the phone for?
  • Do you want to sign onto a plan (2-3 year contract) or use a pre-paid phone plan?
  • Do you need long-distance calling? International texting?
  • Do you plan on using a smartphone? Do you need a data plan as well?Fido logo
  • Is the plan flexible? Can you add on or remove different services?
  • What are overage charges should you go over your limit of text messaging, minutes or data?Bell Mobility logo

Cell Phone Companies in Montreal

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