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Accepting, Activating and Maintaining your Award

Please ensure that you have received and read all the instructions in the offer of your award and in the relevant Award Holder's Guide in order to know what forms are required, where they should be submitted, and deadline date.

Every student receiving an award/fellowship must submit their Direct Deposit information via the Student Accounts Menu on Minerva (in sections "payroll-related" and "student-related"). If you are unable to enter the banking information please contact: Student Accounts. Incomplete banking or address information will result in delayed payments.

Receiving Funds


Tri-Council Instructions:




Annual Progress Tracking Reports

According to the Agency Award Holder’s Guide, GPS Graduate Funding must confirm your ongoing eligibility each year. To do so we require that you submit a copy of your GPS Graduate Student Research Progress Tracking Form, complete it with required signatures, and return it at least eight weeks prior to the anniversary of your award start date.

Once completed and signed, please submit by email to graduatefunding [dot] gps [at] mcgill [dot] ca (graduatefunding [dot] gps [at] mcgill [dot] ca)

Failure to submit a progress report will result in award payments being suspended until a satisfactory progress report is received.


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