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Located in Montréal, in the Côtes-des-Neiges area.

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• Spoken: English and French (+multilingual environment)
• Teaching : English
• Charting: English


St. Mary’s Hospital was founded 1925 to serve the Irish Catholic population of Montreal. Since that time, it has evolved into a large community hospital that serves a multicultural population centred in Côte-des-Neiges.

As a community hospital, St. Mary’s has always had a strong tradition of family physicians working in the hospital. In 1975, a Family Medicine Unit was established by McGill University to train family physicians. Over the years, the Family Medicine Centre of St. Mary’s Hospital has achieved prominence for its excellence in care and teaching.

The St. Mary’s Family Medicine Residency Training Programme is unique in that it is the prime academic programme in a moderately large hospital where family physicians provide a wide gamut of services from obstetrics to intensive care to emergency to comprehensive out-patient services. The congenial atmosphere and collaborative spirit that exists between family physicians and other specialists at St. Mary’s Hospital has been singled out for recognition as a model for the province of Quebec.

The recent creation of an endowed chair in community and family medicine has enhanced the scholarly activities and research potential in the domain of Family Medicine at St. Mary’s Hospital.


The Family Medicine Centre of St. Mary’s Hospital is located in the heart of Côte-des-Neiges, an area that is geographically situated in the centre of the Island of Montreal. Our training centre is the largest of the six McGill University sites.

The population of the Côte-des-Neiges area is primarily working class with a large immigrant and student population. The Côte-des-Neiges area is one of the most densely populated and ethnically diverse neighbourhoods in Canada. There are over one hundred different ethnic communities represented in the area. Our Family Medicine Centre serves this population as well as many patients who commute from other communities on and off the Island of Montreal. Our out-patient population base is representative of the spectrum of ages, sexes, problems and pathologies commonly seen in Family Medicine.


In the teaching Unit

• Around 53800 outpatient visits/year
• Around 450 deliveries/year
• Urgent care clinic: around 8 700/year

In the affiliated hospital

Hospital provides primary healthcare services and offers a full array of diagnostic services.
• Around 11 400 adults and 4300 newborns Admissions/year
• Around 130 000 outpatient visits/year
• 271 beds
• Around 4250 deliveries/year
• ER visits: around 3500/year



Undergraduate Teaching

The Family Medicine Unit is located in St. Mary's Hospital, a community-based hospital in the Côte-des-Neiges area of Montreal. The staff is composed of nurses, nursing assistants, nurse practitioners, secretaries, a clinical psychologist, staff physicians and residents.
Students assigned to this centre will participate in a number of clinical activities which will demonstrate the breadth of primary care. During this rotation, students will observe the delivery of health care to patients and their families in a comprehensive and continuous manner. Small group teaching and clinical supervision is provided by faculty.

Student's activities:

This four-week rotation exposes students to a broad range of activities which include:

• Caring for ambulatory patients in dedicated medical student clinics that provide opportunity for continuity of care
• Caring for patients in more specific clinics (procedures, newborn, musculoskeletal clinics)
• Participating in clinics paired with Family Medicine residents
• Caring for patients in Urgent Care/Walk-in setting (FMC and CLSC)
• Participating in Breastfeeding clinics with FMC nurses
• Attending weekly core teaching sessions focusing on medical knowledge, interviewing skills, clinical skills in primary care and community medicine
• Participating in Family Medicine rounds and other teaching sessions offered at the unit
• Attending Mortality and Morbidity Rounds (1 per month)

Postgraduate Teaching



• 52 residents (26 R1s and 26 R2s)


• Horizontal (residents maintain a family practice three half days per week throughout the two-year program) 

Our curriculum follows the horizontal curriculum of the Department of Family Medicine of McGill University. Rotations are grouped according to domains of clinical care. Residents follow patients from their own practices over the course of their two years of residency.

 To learn more on the postgraduate curriculum, click here


Within  the  larger  organization  of  our  teaching  unit,  faculty  and  residents  are  organized  into  four  group practices  or  teams  .  The organizational  structure  of  each  team  includes  a  Team  Administrator,  an Academic  Consultant,  Obstetrics  Coordinators,  a  Home  Care  Coordinator,  a designated  Academic  Advisor  for  each  resident as  well  as nursing, secretarial and patient attendant support. Each team has a set half-day every week where residents and faculty of the team, as well as the nurse(s) and secretarial support staff meet together.

Unique to our site, residents interact on a daily basis with family medicine teachers not only in the FMC but also during their rotations in our hospital. Resident scholarly activities include resident research projects, PEARLs exercises, chart audits, journal club, and medical student teaching. Resident project work is presented at our Family Medicine Annual Scientific Day. Residents are also encouraged to present their work at different scientific venues such as Family Medicine Forum and North American Primary Care Research Group.

Unique to our unit are weekly Family Medicine Grand Rounds and monthly M&M teaching rounds.

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St. Mary's Family Medicine Centre

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Street Address Mailing Address
St Mary's Family Medicine Centre: 3777 Jean Brillant, Montreal

3777 Jean Brillant, Montreal, QC, H3T 1M5

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FMG-U Physician in Charge Dr. maureen.doyle [at] (Maureen Doyle )
Undergraduate Education Director Dr. Patrice Tremblay
Postgraduate Education Director Dr. Emily Ingram
Administrative Coordinator (postgraduate) Ms. susan.ferreira [at] (Susan Ferreira)
Administrative Coordinator (undergraduate) Ms. Caroline Pare-Langevin
Telephone: (514) 734-2677
Fax: (514) 734-2605


For Any questions regarding Curriculum, contact:

Undergraduate Program Administrator Coordinator TBC
Postgraduate Program Adminstrator julie.lane [at] (Julie Lane)






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