EDI Committee

We are a group of students, staff and faculty working together on initiatives for a more equitable, inclusive and diverse environment in the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department at McGill University.

Committee Members


  • Natalya Gomez (Committee Chair)  natalya.gomez [at] mcgill.ca (Email )
  • Nick Cowan, Peter Douglas, Jeff McKenzie (Department Chair), Christie Rowe 


  • Moses Angombe, Catherine Crotty, Debarati Das, Meghomita Das, Zoya Qudsi

Post docs and Staff 

  • Alissa Kotowski, Kathryn Rico, Kristyn Rodzinyak 

Culture Chats

Graduate student Moses crouches at edge of rock canyon

The culture chat format involves each presenter (an international student) giving a 15-minute presentation about their country, how they got started in geosciences and anything else that they would like to share and want everyone to know about their country. 

This came out of the student-lead initiative where a need to share their stories. Each talk was followed by a Q+A session where everyone submitted their questions/curiosities in the chat box.

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