Our yellow emergency phones on campusEmergency Telephones on our Downtown and Macdonald Campuses

The emergency phones (older model shown) have a blue light that is lit at night so you can see it easily.
Press the red button. You will be connected with Security Services.

These phones can be found:

  • Inside the entrance of most major McGill buildings
  • Inside every elevator

Consult the night route maps to locate emergency phones across both campuses.

Public telephones

  • Call Security Services for free at any public payphone on campus 398-3000 (Downtown Campus) or 398-7777 (Macdonald Campus).
  • You can use public telephones to call 911 for free. Once you've contacted 911, call Security Services so we can assist First Responders. Certain areas of the campus are difficult to find and avoiding a delay in life-threatening situations is crucial. We will provide a prompt response and an escort to the emergency services responding to your call.
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