Gar Lam Yip Memorial Fellowship

Dr. Gar Lam Yip

The Gar-Lam Yip Memorial Fellowship in Guided Wave Photonics was established in 2000 in memory of Dr. Gar-Lam Yip, distinguished Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering from 1973-1999.

Dr. Yip was an enthusiastic teacher, dedicated researcher, and pioneer in guided wave photonics. In 1976 he initiated a graduate course, “Optical Waveguides”, and singlehandedly established the first laboratory for fibre and integrated optics at McGill.  Dr. Yip is universally remembered by those who knew him as one of Canada’s leading researchers in his field of study, as he fought for recognition and support of this new technology, which has since become a focus of telecommunications research activity worldwide.

Gar Lam Yip Memorial Fellowship Recipients

Md Shafiqui Hai

Md Shafiqui Hai
Fall 2011
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Supervisor: Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur 
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