Jorge Angeles

Academic title(s): 

Emeritus James McGill Professor

Jorge Angeles
Contact Information

Macdonald Engineering Building, Room 455

Email address: 
jorge.angeles [at]
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ph.D. Stanford University
M.Eng. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Dipl.Eng. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)


MECH 498: Interdisc. Design Project 1 (3 Credits)
MECH 499: Interdisc. Design Project 2 (3 Credits)
MECH 541: Kinematic Synthesis (3 Credits)
MECH 572: Introduction to Robotics (3 Credits)

Research areas: 
Design and Manufacturing
Dynamics and Control
Selected publications: 
  • Caro, S., Khan, W.A., Pasini, D. and Angeles, J., 2010, "The rule-based conceptual design of the architecture of serial Schoenflies-motion generators," Mechanism and Machine Theory, Vol. 45(2), pp. 251-260.
  • Desrochers, S., Pasini, D. and Angeles, J., 2010, "Optimum design of a compliant uniaxial accelerometer," ASME J. Mechanical Design,Vol. 132, No. 4, pp. 041011-1-041011-8.
  • Barnett, E., Angeles, J., Pasini, D. and Sijpkes, P., 2009, "Robot assisted rapid prototyping for ice structures," Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. Robotics and Automation, ICRA 2009, Kobe, Japan, May 12--17.
  • Angeles, J. and Park, F.C., 2008, "Performance evaluation and design criteria," in Siciliano, B. and Khatib, O. (editors), Handbook of Robotics, Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg, pp. 229-244.
  • Angeles, J., 2007, Fundamentals of Robotic Mechanical Systems. Theory, Methods, Algorithms, Third Edition, Springer, New York.
  • Gosselin, C. and Angeles, J., 1990, "Singularity analysis of closed-loop kinematic chains," IEEE Transactions on Robotics & Automation, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 281-290. (cited over 700 times).
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Current research: 
  • Optimum design and control of a two-limb Schoenflies-motion generator
  • Design and modelling of a mechanism for percutaneous mitral valve repair
  • Modelling of rovers on unstructured terrain for planetary exploration
  • Design and control of a robotic system for the construction of ice structures
  • Design of advanced clutches for hybrid vehicles
  • Design and prototyping of a biaxial accelerometer using MEMS technnology
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Areas of interest: 

Primary Research Theme : Dynamics and Control
Secondary Research Theme : Design and Manufacturing
Research Group/Lab : Robotic Mechanical Systems Laboratory

The focus of my research is design and control of robotic mechanical systems at large as well as their mechanical components, such as drives and sensors. A major activity here is the development of speed reducers meeting the strict requirements of robotic and mechatronic applications: low backlash; low friction; and high stiffness. While meeting these demands is quite challenging, we are trying hard to do much better than gears by means of cam-roller transmissions. On robot design, I stress robustness regarding their kinetostatic, elastostatic and elastodynamic performances. Research in robotic mechanical systems focuses on lower-mobility parallel robots, with special attention to Schoenflies-motion generators, a.k.a. parallel SCARA systems. Research in the area of design theory and methodology is also underway.

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