Derek Nowrouzezahrai

Associate Professor
Academic title(s): 

Director - Centre for Intelligent Machines
Director - Graphics & Imaging Lab
Core Academic Member - Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute (Mila)
Affiliate Member - School of Computer Science
Affiliate Member - Bensadoun School of Retail Management

Derek Nowrouzezahrai
Contact Information
Email address: 
derek.nowrouzezahrai [at]
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Centre for Intelligent Machines

ECSE 222: Digital Logic
ECSE 443: Introduction to Numerical Methods for Electrical Engineering
ECSE 446: Realistic Image Synthesis
ECSE 546: Advanced Image Synthesis

Research areas: 
Intelligent Systems
Selected publications: 
Areas of interest: 

Monte Carlo, Density Estimation, & MCMC
How do we numerically solve multi-dimensional path-space integrals for realistic image synthesis?

Editing Physically-based Light Transport
Can we devise intuitive controls to edit physically-based lighting in synthetic images?

Basis-space Methods of Dynamics & Lighting
Can we use analytic bases to simulate physical dynamics in reduced-dimensional spaces?

Editing Complex Fluid Simulations
How do digital artists author turbulent fluid simulations? Can we design tools to help them?

Manufacturing Passive Optics & Probes
Can combining computation with 3D fabrication allow us to warp & capture light in the real world?

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