McGill’s community builders honoured

28 Apr 2020

Under ordinary circumstances, the presentation ceremony of McGill’s Equity and Community Building Awards is a happy extension of the awards themselves – a bringing together of McGill students,...

The Unseen Impact of Space Research

7 Apr 2020

Within the last decade, successful missions to asteroids, rover landings on Mars, and the emergence of companies such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic have captured the imagination of the public. But...

Metal makes for promising, recyclable alternative to fossil fuels

7 Apr 2020

McGill University researchers are exploring a potentially important source of clean energy that has so far been largely overlooked: metal particles....

Electrifying truck fleets to cut Canada’s carbon emissions

6 Apr 2020

While electric cars are rolling off assembly lines in increasing volumes around the world, development of electric trucks has lagged behind. That’s largely because bigger vehicles require bigger,...

McGill professors part of federally-funded Covid-19 research initiative

6 Mar 2020

Earlier today, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) announced an investment of $6.75M to support the Canadian 2019 Novel COVID-19 Rapid Research Funding Opportunity, created to...

Rising Stars

2 Mar 2020

Before Montreal became a global AI hot spot, the Faculty has been contributing to the field through the Centre for Intelligent Machines (CIM), and researchers like Professor Warren Gross and Arash...

Construction Ecology: An Authentic Path to Sustainability

30 Jan 2020

According to Prof.Kiel Moe, the Gerald Sheff Chair in Architecture, Quebec can become a model for a sustainable society by taking a closer look at two of its key resources—wood and water.

McGill researchers lay foundation for next generation aortic grafts

30 Jan 2020

A new study by researchers at McGill University has measured the dynamic physical properties of the human aorta, laying the foundation for the development of grafts capable of mimicking the native...

Clean concrete technology ready for ramp-up

23 Jan 2020

The year is off to an auspicious start for Carbicrete, whose made-at-McGill technology could make concrete products more environmentally friendly....


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