Meet some of the design teams of McGill Design Day 2021

McGill Design Day is an annual event celebrating the achievements and innovation of undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering. This year, the event takes on the virtual format to showcase over 100 design projects across the fields of engineering and architecture. Meet a few of the teams that will be presenting on April 8:

 a photo of Michael Kurt Mayer, Jonah Rappaport, and Maria TelemanGrowing Buildings: Prioritizing Renewable Materials and Energy in the Built Environment

Design team members: Michael Kurt Mayer, Jonah Rappaport, and Maria Teleman

“In a construction industry heavily reliant on fossil fuels, our project intends to shift the focus toward renewable materials and resources, with particular emphasis on mass timber. We are excited to share with everyone our appreciation of these concepts and how they can contribute to a greater understanding of the impact of our choices on the environment. This experience has taught us how to use the tools to design with intent and respect for nature’s wonder.”

a photo of Sahil Adnan and Nadia AntoniadisFlying In: A Modern Experience in a Closed-Loop System

Design team members: Sahil Adnan and Nadia Antoniadis

"In an isolated environment like Kuujjuaq, with limited available resources, a harsh climate, and countless off-road regions, difficulties such as visiting the site, transporting material or even monitoring the construction are very much present. To overcome this challenge, we propose the design of a self-sufficient pod while setting in motion new technologies.”

a photo of Sam Baker, Jennifer Duffy, Elizabeth Flynn, and Hope KellyEngineering a Biomedical Diagnostic Device for the Direct Detection of Pathogens

Design team members: Sam Baker, Jennifer Duffy, Elizabeth Flynn, and Hope Kelly

"This project has been an opportunity to bring together all that we have learned over the past four years to work on a project that has a real-world impact. Working on technology that will increase accessibility to sexual health has shown us that our undergraduate experience has provided us with the ability to affect positive change. We are excited to share our story with you this Design Day!"

a photo of Fei Peng, Qidi Wang, and Yukai ZhangVirtual Circuits Lab

Design team members: Fei Peng, Qidi Wang, and Yukai Zhang

" The goal of this project is to create a web application for students taking elementary circuits courses and provide the possibility of future program expansion. We are happy to share our experience in software developments and teamwork, as well as demonstrate our achievements on Design Day!"

a photo of Léo Fortier, Aliaksandr Karaliuk, Benjamin Shao, and Thomas Woodfine-MacPhersonAccuTrack: Guidewire Position Tracking Device Attached to Catheter

Design team members: Léo Fortier, Aliaksandr Karaliuk, Benjamin Shao, and Thomas Woodfine-MacPherson

"Our team is designing a tracking device to measure the movement of a guidewire as it is being inserted into a catheter. We’re excited to share our passion for innovation in the biomedical field, where we’re able to fully utilize our engineering backgrounds for a good cause."

For a complete list of projects or to attend, visit McGill Design Day.

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