Laboratory Safety Forms

We have grouped in this section all forms relevant to laboratory safety at McGill.

Laboratory Inspection

  • This section has both McGill and CNESST laboratory inspection forms.

Laboratory Information

  • This section has the laboratory information form that must be completed prior to a lab inspection.

Laboratory Audit Form

  • This form enables Departmental Safety Committees (DSCs) to audit their safety program.

Laboratory Safety Self-Assessment Form

  • This form is designed to assist principal investigators, teaching laboratory coordinators/superintendents and lab supervisors to self-assess safety standards for their laboratories.

Radiation Safety

  • This section holds the radiation safety forms, plus you can update or cancel your current radioisotope permit online.

Biohazards Forms

  • Please find a complete list of forms relating to Biosafety here.

Certificate Of Equipment Decontamination

A Certificate of Equipment Decontamination is to be completed and attached to equipment that is being discarded, serviced in-house or sent out for repair

Laboratory Decommissioning and Commissioning Checklist

Laboratory Working Alone Notices

New and Expectant Mother Risk Assessment Form

  • Please complete and submit the File New and Expectant Mother Risk Assessment form to EHS ehs [at] (subject: New%20and%20Expectant%20Mother%20Risk%20Assessment) (by email). Note that all information provided will remain confidential. 

Occupational Health Program Forms

  • Please find a complete list of forms related to the Occupational Health Program here.