Clinician-Scientist Pathway (MSc-DMD)


The Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences is looking into admitting future students who would be interested in developing their critical thinking and scientific knowledge in dental sciences to become better clinicians and bring an evidence-based perspective to clinical practice. This new pathway aligns with the Faculty’s 5-Year Strategic Plan and is offered to candidates who are residents of Quebec, Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, and have completed (or are currently in the last year of completing) a bachelor's degree. 

If admitted through this pathway, the candidate would start with their graduate studies and complete their 2-year Master’s of Dental Science (Thesis) degree before moving to the first year of the Doctor of Dental Medicine Program (DMD) and complete the four years of their professional dentistry training. All candidates who apply through this pathway will be simultaneously considered in the general cohorts based on their residency status and may receive an invitation to interview through either pathway.

Note: This admission pathway cannot be combined with the Master's of Dental Science (Non-Thesis) Program.

To apply to this pathway, candidates must submit their application via the Master's of Dental Science (Thesis) program. During the application submission process, they will be prompted to specify whether they are applying for the Clinician-Scientist Admission Pathway (MSc-DMD).


  • Be a recognized resident of Quebec, Canadian citizen, or permanent resident of Canada.
  • Meet all the academic and non-academic requirements for admission to the DMD program.
  • Submit your application by November 1 and all required supporting documents by November 3.
  • Must have completed a BSc in a Health Sciences discipline (e.g., Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, Physiology) or a related field (e.g., Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, etc.). A bachelor in Dental Medicine (BDs) is also an accepted degree. 

Completion criteria for moving to the DMD Program

Candidates admitted through the Clinician-Scientist Admission Pathway (MSc-DMD) are expected to submit their written thesis by July 31st of the year they will enter the D.M.D. program. Written confirmation of thesis submission must be provided by McGill Thesis Office (or equivalent). Failure to provide this confirmation of thesis submission by the aforementioned deadline will result in the candidate’s ineligibility to continue on to the DMD Program.

Required documentation

Candidates interested in applying through this pathway will be required to submit, by the November 3rd deadline, a personal statement explaining their interest in research and how this pathway can help them achieve their goals. An email must be sent to the Admissions Office indicating their interest in being considered through this pathway. A checklist item will then be added to their Slate account allowing them to upload their personal statement once completed.


Selection Process

The selection process is the same as for the DMD Program. To determine if an applicant will be invited for an interview, a candidate’s academic performance is weighted at 70% (60% cGPA + 10% Academic Context), the CASPer Test is weighted at 20% and the curriculum vitae (CV) at 10%.

The applicants invited for an interview will be interviewed using the multiple mini-interview (MMI) format. They may also be invited for an individual interview with members of the Graduate Studies Advisory Committee who will be reviewing the personal statement.

The offers of admission will be based on MMI performance and recommendation from the Graduate Studies Advisory Committee.

Interviews will be held on Monday March 4th, 2024. 

The interviews will be held virtually. It is your responsibility to be available for interview timeframe given. No repeat interview sessions or special accommodations will be arranged. A candidate who does not attend may have his or her application cancelled.

Additional information

Students currently enrolled in the Master's of Dental Sciences (Thesis or non-thesis) Program or the PhD in Oral Health Sciences Program are not eligible to apply (or to transfer) to the Clinician-Scientist Pathway (MSc-DMD).

To learn more about the Master's thesis program, please visit this section of our website.


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