After Applying

Make changes or cancel your application

Any change or update to your application information must be submitted in writing to the Admissions Office. Changes in personal information such as addresses or phone numbers can only be done via your applicant portal. 

An application can be cancelled via your applicant portal.

Tracking the status of your application

The status of your application can be tracked via your applicant portal.

It is strongly recommended that applicants check their application status on a regular basis, e.g. once a week, as there may be updates or additional requests required as part of the dossier review.

Final decisions

Decisions rendered by the Admissions Committee are final and not subject to appeal.

Final decisions are released by electronic mail and confirmed via your Slate account.

Candidates applying for the D.M.D. program will be notified by end of March, early April whether they have been accepted, placed on the waiting list, or not accepted. Acceptance is conditional upon receipt of a Bachelor's degree and upon the candidate’s completion of the Compulsory Immunization Program by the start of class.

Accepting an offer

For the first series of offers, successful applicants must respond to the offer of admission within two weeks. Candidates on the waiting list, should they receive an offer of admission, may be given a shorter period of time to respond.

Please refer to the 'I've been accepted' website for more information on the steps to complete after receiving an offer of admission.

Deferring admission

Admission into the first year of our DMD program may be exceptionally deferred for a period of one (1) year at the discretion of the Admissions Committee (non-renewable). A deferral request can only be made once you receive an offer of admission. If your request for deferral is granted, the registration deposit will have to be paid and the offer accepted the following term.

You must submit your request in writing and address it to our Chair of Admissions. This letter of a maximum of two pages should set out the reason(s) for the request including any relevant supporting documentation. You must submit your request no later than July 15th to the Admissions Office.

Waitlist Post-Interview

The waitlist for each applicant category is distinct, and positions cannot be interchanged between categories. The Admissions Office only retains a certain number of applicants on the waiting lists. Offers of admission are made when places become available. However, as offers are contingent upon decisions of other applicants, it is impossible to predict if and when places will become available.

Please note that the number of available seats will vary from year to year and depend on student attrition.

Offers of admission can be made at any time and can occur very late in the summer, right up until the beginning of class. As such, candidates on the waitlist are expected to complete the immunization program and the Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certification requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to long delays in acquiring the required immigration documents to study at McGill University, no offer of admission will be made to international candidates past May 1st unless the candidate already lives in Quebec and has a valid Study Permit that can be renewed before the expiry date. In case of cancellation from an admitted international candidate, the available seat will go to the next candidate on the Quebec residents list.


Waitlist Progress - Fall 2023

DMD - Quebec residents Pool: As of August 16th, an offer was made to the 39th candidate on the list.

DMD - Non-Quebec Canadians Pool: As of August 15h, an offer was made to the 8th candidate on the list.

DMD - International candidates Pool: As of April 11th, an offer was made to the 2nd candidate on the list.

Please note that this website will be updated every time an offer of admission is made to a candidate on the list.


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