Selection Process

Selection Process

The selection of applicants is based on transcripts, curriculum vitae (CV), CASPer Test and interviews. We consider human and social skills as important as academic performance in the selection of our students. Applicants must meet a minimum score in these two indicators to move forward in the process. The files of candidates who are not invited for interviews are not considered further.

Note: Some universities and colleges have legacy programs which give special admission consideration to relatives of graduates; McGill University does not have a legacy admission program.  Admission to the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences is based solely on academic and competency-based criteria.  Letters of support from alumni, friends and family do not advantage (or disadvantage) an application. 

Being selected for an interview

To determine which applicants will be invited for an interview, a candidate’s academic performance is weighted at 70%, the CASPer Test is weighted at 20% and the curriculum vitae (CV) at 10%. Please note that the DAT scores will not be used in determining an applicant's ranking.

Academic performance is broken down in the following way:

  • 60% based on the undergraduate CGPA (using all the grades from the bachelor's degree used as basis of admission)
  • 10% based on academic context (average credit load per semester and completed post-bachelor’s degree education) 

The undergraduate CGPA is the major consideration in measuring academic performance. Graduate studies are taken into consideration in the academic context as well as in the review of your CV. Grades from graduate programs are not included in the GPA calculation.

Asynchronous Multiple Mini Interviews

Applicants invited for an interview will be interviewed using the multiple mini-interview (MMI) format. MMIs consist of multiple stations that can be task-oriented, simulation- or scenario-oriented or discussion-oriented. This year, they will be asynchronous. This means that applicants will be able to start and complete the interview on their own time anytime between 9am and 5pm on February 26th by recording their answers. The interview will last less than an hour and must be completed in one go. 

The interviews will be held virtually. It is your responsibility to be available for and to attend the interview time for which you have been scheduled. No repeat interview sessions or special accommodations will be arranged. A candidate who does not attend may have his or her application cancelled.

For more information on the MMIs, you can refer to McGill Career Planning Service’s website

► The virtual interviews will be on February 26th 2024.


Final Selection

Following the MMI, the final ranking list for DMD applicants will be based mainly on the MMI score, but will also take into account applicants' academic score (GPA), and non-academic score (CASPer and CV). 


2023 Admission Statistics

The table below shows the number of applications received by the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences for the 4-year DMD Program from Quebec Residents, Non-Quebec Canadians and international applicants, the number of candidates interviewed and their cGPA.

Applicant Category

Number of Applications

Number of Applicants Interviewed

Number of Applicants Admitted

4-Year DMD Program (Quebec Residents)


N: 452

N: 81

N: 27

Average cGPA: 3.75

Average cGPA: 3.88

Average cGPA: 3.85

4-Year DMD Program (Non-Quebec Canadians)


N: 443

N: 24

N: 8

Average cGPA: 3.89

Average cGPA: 3.92

Average cGPA: 3.86

4-Year DMD Program (International candidates)

N: 39

N: 6 N: 2

Average cGPA: 3.81

Average cGPA: 3.92 Average cGPA: 3.90




Special Notes:

  • The MMI date CANNOT be changed. It is the applicant’s responsibility to be available for the scheduled interview and to plan accordingly. If an applicant is not present for his/her interview for any reason (justified or not), their file will no longer be considered. We have made the MMI asynchronous and available anytime between 9am and 5pm to give applicants more flexibility. 
  • All decisions are final and cannot be appealed. We do not provide feedback to candidates during the selection process.
  • Please note that our selection process may be subject to review and change by the Admissions Committee at any time without notice.


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