Transfers and applications from current dental students


The Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences does not accept transfer students into its DMD Program. 

Students currently enrolled in an accredited dental school or who have completed a dental degree from a non-accredited dental school are eligible to apply to the first year of the DMD Program. A bachelor's degree is minimally required for application to the DMD Program. The candidates must meet all the admissions requirements


Student transfers between the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Medical and Dental students are NOT permitted to directly transfer from one Faculty to the other. If an enrolled McGill dental student wishes to change programs from the D.M.D. to the M.D.,C.M. program, he/she must submit a formal application to the first year of the M.D.,C.M. program. The dental student would go through the regular selection process.

Students are not accepted via inter- or intra-faculty transfer for the Dent-P Qualifying Year; this includes students enrolled in the Med-P Qualifying Year.

Students admitted to Med-P are not eligible to apply directly to the DMD program without first completing an undergraduate degree.


Clinician-Scientist Pathway (MSc-DMD)

Students currently enrolled in the Master's of Dental Sciences (Thesis or non-thesis) Program or the PhD in Oral Health Sciences Program are not eligible to apply (or to transfer) to the Clinician-Scientist Pathway (MSc-DMD).


International Dental Graduates

The DMD Advanced Standing for Foreign Trained Dentists Pathway is open to graduates of non-accredited dental programs who are residents of Quebec, Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. Priority is given to candidates who are residents of Quebec. However, Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada will still be considered if space is available in our program.  

Applicants admitted via this pathway are exempted from the Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry component (FMD) of the DMD Program and enter the program in the pre-clinical phase component starting in December of DMD II. Successful students continue into the clinical component and graduate with a DMD degree from McGill University. 


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