When Meritocracy Blinds us to Gender Discrimination

A little more gender balance...would be nice, but at the same time, I want the best people to be there,” writes a young African American woman studying engineering. “I really hope that I haven’t gotten where I am...because of my gender. I’d like to think I earned it.”

Published: 22 Jan 2020

A Feminist Governance Framework Recipe

West Coast LEAF, as a feminist legal organization and an organization mostly made up of and supported by settlers, has an enhanced responsibility and obligation to imagine the possibilities. To do that well, we must consider how we govern ourselves, hold ourselves to account, and strive to not only do good work, but to do it in a good way.

Published: 22 Jan 2020

Movies for Mental Health

On behalf of the Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education - Consent McGill and the Student Wellness Hub, we would like to invite all McGill students to “Movies For Mental Health” (M4MH).

Published: 10 Jan 2020

UK falls six places in gender equality rankings

The UK has fallen six places down the global rankings for gender equality. Despite successive prime ministers pledging to take decisive action to tackle the gender imbalances in politics and wider British society, the UK has dropped from the 15th most equal nation in world to 21st.

Published: 17 Dec 2019

Remembering the Montreal Massacre

14 universities from Newfoundland and Labrador to B.C. take part in tribute to victims of 1989 attack. Read the CBC article about the ceremonies occurring today.

Message from the Project Director:

Published: 6 Dec 2019

Five men acquitted of rape because unconscious victim didn't fight back

A court in Barcelona cleared five men of sexual assault charges after saying the crime did not fit the legal definition of rape because the unconscious teenage victim didn't fight back. Under Spanish law, a sexual attack can only be classified as an assault or rape if the perpetrator uses violence or intimidation. Because the survivor was unconscious, the five were convicted of a lesser charge of sexual abuse.

Published: 3 Nov 2019

Women Speak About Sexual Assault in the Military

A ruling last year by a military court decided that for cases of rape and sexual assault that occurred 1986 and 2006 the statute of limitations would be 5 years. This ruling may be challenged now that The Supreme Court of the United States is back in session. CNN has interviewed 3 survivors of sexual assault who are affected by this ruling.

See the video on CNN.

Published: 27 Oct 2019

PhD Candidate and Research Assistant Christopher Dietzel Awarded Mitacs Globalink

Christopher Dietzel, a PhD candidate in DISE and research assistant on the IMPACTS Project, has received a Mitacs Globalink Research Award.

Published: 25 Jul 2019

Opening of "In/Visible: Body as Reflective Site"

The McClure Gallery and the Visual Arts Centre, in partnership with the IMPACTS Project, had a successful opening for the In/Visible: Body as Reflective Site exhibition.

Published: 18 Jun 2019

Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Shariff Collaborate to Research Gender-Based Violence

New Funds to Research Gender Violence Professors Claudia Mitchell and IMPACTS Project Director, Dr. Shaheen Shariff, collaborate on expanding areas of research on gender-based violence

Published: 5 Jun 2019

IMPACTS Research Team at AERA

IMPACTS Project Director Dr. Shaheen Shariff and research assistants Chloe Garcia, Milka Nyariro, Andrea Velghe, Shannon Hutcheson, Sarah Lewington, and Christopher Dietzel presented at the 2019 AERA Annual Meeting last week.

Published: 15 Apr 2019

International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day! 

Published: 8 Mar 2019

Dr. Shariff and Christopher Dietzel Interviewed by CBC about Manitoba Sexual Extortion Case

Dr. Shaheen Shariff was interviewed by CBC News about a sexual extortion case involving a 25-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman in Manitoba.

Published: 17 Sep 2018


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