International Women's Day 2021


Published: 8Mar2021

Today is International Women's Day, which is an international date that commemorates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world. International Women's Day also makes a call to action for advancing gender equity across society. 

On behalf of the iMPACTS team, Dr. Shaheen Shariff, who is the Project Director and James McGill Professor, offers this statement: 

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the Covid19 global pandemic, we have learned more about the strength, courage and resilience of women during unprecedented conditions as they take leadership in the front lines of health care, public policy, mental health and social supports. We have also witnessed women’s ability to pivot and adjust to the “new normal” creatively and efficiently through collaborative networks and partnerships. The pandemic has also disclosed increased challenges that women have faced through social isolation, lockdowns and economic downturns, as domestic and sexual violence is reported to have increased, placing many women in precarious situations with fewer access to resources. To that end, our iMPACTS team is working consistently to inform and guide policy at federal, provincial and administrative levels, and provide resources through engagement and empowerment of graduate and undergraduate students in gender-based and social justice research.

Dr. Shariff was one of the experts that McGill University invited to provide a statement about the importance of International Women's Day 2021. Click here to see the statements from Dr. Shariff and other experts at McGill University.



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