Congratulations to Shannon Hutcheson and Addy Parsons on their Award-Winning Oral Presentation


Published: 19Apr2022

Photos of Shannon Hutcheson and Addy Parsons, two research assistants who won an award for outstanding oral presentation.

The iMPACTS project is proud to recognize the work of two of our research assistants, Shannon Hutcheson and Addy Parsons, who recently presented at the 2022 EGSS Conference: Challenge, Change & Resilience. The conference, which took place March 25 and 26, featured two panel Q&As, workshops, presentations and a keynote speech. Shannon and Addy’s presentation, ​​"Conceptualizing International Student Encounters with Sexual Violence through Systematic Content Analysis of Case Law", won an Oral Presentation Award at the conference.

To learn more about Shannon's and Addy's work, read this blog post they wrote



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