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Our Professional Development workshops have been redesigned for remote delivery using Zoom. 

Some workshops are still offered in person at designated spaces in McGill buildings (Teaching Hubs) that are planned to safely accommodate small groups.

Remote learning refers to the temporary solution implemented by McGill university to ensure continued access to courses and other activities during the disruption caused by the Covid-19 crisis. Under this delivery mode, virtual live sessions replace regular in-class activities, and course material and assessments are made available through the university Learning Management System (myCourses). Remote learning courses use technologies typically used in online learning but were not initially designed and developed as online courses.


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Spring 2021 Calendar

WORKSHOP Title Start Date End Date
YCWPD 071-001 Selling in a Virtual Environment(Full)(4 days) May 20, 2021 May 28, 2021
YCWPD 071-002 Selling in a Virtual Environment(Part 1)(2 days) May 20, 2021 May 21, 2021
YCWPD 071-003 Selling in a Virtual Environment(Part 2)(2 days) May 27, 2021 May 28, 2021
YCWPD 072 Introduction to Python Jun 02, 2021 Jun 11, 2021
YCWPD 061 Data Protection: Is Your Organization Data Protection Compliant? Jun 07, 2021 Jun 08, 2021
YCWPD 076-001 Creative Business Transformation: Turning Crisis into Opportunity Slingshot Certification Course Jun 16, 2021 Jul 07, 2021
YCWPD 068-003 McGill's Level 1 CFA® Program Exam Preparation Workshop Jul 10, 2021 Nov 13, 2021
YCWPD 031-017 Understanding Trademarks(Full Week Course) Jul 12, 2021 Jul 16, 2021
YCWPD 031-018 Understanding Trademarks(Module 1) Jul 12, 2021 Jul 13, 2021
YCWPD 031-019 Understanding Trademarks(Module 2) Jul 14, 2021 Jul 16, 2021
YCWPD 074-002 McGill's Level II CFA® Program Exam Preparation Workshop Jul 17, 2021 Nov 20, 2021
YCWPD 030-017 Understanding Patents(Full Week Course) Jul 19, 2021 Jul 23, 2021
YCWPD 030-018 Understanding Patents(Module 1) Jul 19, 2021 Jul 21, 2021
YCWPD 030-019 Understanding Patents(Module 2) Jul 22, 2021 Jul 23, 2021
YCWPD 029-009 Copyright Master Class Jul 26, 2021 Jul 28, 2021
YCWPD 066 Mobile 5G: Emerging Opportunities and Challenges Aug 12, 2021 Aug 13, 2021


Featured Course

 Turning Crisis into Opportunity Slingshot Certification Course
Technology and Data Science
Introduction to Python

This practical workshop introduces the fundamental programming concepts and skills needed to get started in programming with Python. Participants will have ample time to practice and will be provided with instant feedback to improve their skills rapidly. The workshop culminates with an interactive hands-on assignment in which participants will write code using a popular data science library.   

Accelerated Disruption: Innovating in a Rapidly Changing World

The convergence of disruptive technologies and the rapid pace of change are pressuring businesses to innovate more than ever. Businesses and organizations need to take a proactive approach to innovation before they become irrelevant. 

Understanding Blockchain: Beyond the Hype

Blockchain will impact multiple existing business models across almost every domain. With over 90% of financial institutions, 30 governments, and thousands of companies from almost every industry already riding the wave, Blockchain is expected to impact the world in the same manner the internet did many years ago.

This workshop will provide a comprehensive 360° overview of the origins, evolution, building blocks and technologies of Blockchain. Practical use cases, benefits and challenges across various industries will be explored. You will gain a clear understanding of Blockchain and where it stands today beyond the hype, the building blocks of Distributed Ledger Technologies and its most common platforms used today. Furthermore, you will identify what are the profiles and steps needed to adopt Blockchain in business. 

Mobile 5G: Emerging Opportunities and Challenges

Mobile 5G is the next generation mobile standard following in the footsteps of 4G technology, which was launched across the globe about 10 years ago.  Early 5G deployments have begun in the USA and parts of Asia and Europe.  Canadian deployments are starting in 2020/2021.

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Data Visualization and Storytelling with Tableau

Stand out as a professional capable of extracting more value from data. Increase the validity and credibility of your insights by mastering the art and science of data visualization and storytelling.

Data Protection: Is Your Organization Data Protection Compliant?

Offered in-person.

This workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of various data protection compliance obligations and suggest strategies that companies and organizations can adopt to implement a compliance program.

Exploratory Data Analysis with Alteryx

This hands-on workshop addresses the challenge of analysing different data sets and summarizing their main characteristics using tables and graphs. Using the Alteryx Data Analytics Platform, participants learn the iterative process and techniques to perform an exploratory data analysis. 

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Creative Business Transformation: Turning Crisis into Opportunity - Slingshot Certification Course

Taught by Gabor George Burt, top Blue Ocean Strategy expert, global authority on creative business transformation, and originator of the Slingshot Framework, this Creative Business Transformation Certification course offers a practical approach to “Blue Ocean” creation. Ideal for business leaders, managers, coaches, consultants, trainers and entrepreneurs, this course covers the key insights and tools offered by the Slingshot Framework to distill the complexity of successfully navigating the current environment, and enable participants to continuously transform their business for growth and relevance.

Start-Up Entrepreneurship Fundamentals

This practical workshop will equip participants who wish to make the leap to entrepreneurship with proven entrepreneurial tools, frameworks and methodologies that they can deploy when building or joining an early stage start-up company. These tools can also be applied within an existing company or organization to build and support an intrapreneurial culture.

Customer Journey Mapping

By using a combination of empathy and data, we will identify methods to optimize the experience. Case studies, exercises, and lecture may be used to assist all participants to sharpen their skills and apply best practices. This is an active workshop!

User and Customer Experience Design

This hands-on workshop offers an overview of User and Customer Experience design principles and the methodologies used to design products that enhance product value. This workshop aims to help participants develop the empathetic mindset that underpins the UX and CX methodologies, and provides a practical toolkit as well as an opportunity to practice new skills through interactive activities. 

Agile Product Development

This practical workshop will help you acquire skills and tools required to develop and manage innovative digital products using Design Thinking and Agile techniques. Learn how to accelerate product development and deliver exceptional products. Prepare to take SAFe® Agile Product Manager certification exam. 

Leadership and Communication
Brand and Business Storytelling: Insights from a Former Walt Disney Imagineer

This workshop offers the opportunity to learn the keys to effective storytelling from a former Walt Disney Imagineer. You will learn the critical elements of all winning stories, discover how to choose the right style or voice for your story to achieve the desired impact, develop the skills to easily research and plan your story, and explore tools and techniques needed to blend creativity with facts for maximum impact.

This workshop is not affiliated in any way with The Walt Disney Company or any of its subsidiaries, including Walt Disney Imagineering.

Continuous Transformation: Beyond Change Management

This practical workshop will examine the different elements constituting an organizational transformation. It will explore the shortcomings and the root causes of failures, as well as introducing the Continuous Transformation Model, which can be applied to increase the success rate in an organization’s transformation journey.

Communicating for Results

Communication breakdowns are often cited as a source of frustration both at work and at home. Improving communication skills can lead to increases in work or life satisfaction, as well as to the attainment of professional or personal goals. While introspection and analysis can help us understand some of the issues that come between us and other people, developing and applying practical communication tips and techniques can produce surprisingly effective results.

Making Teamwork Work

This workshop is designed to help people become better team members or leaders through the development of their awareness and teamwork skills.

Getting Ready to Lead: Starting off on the Right Path

This workshop aims to help you think differently about leadership, and how you can develop into the leader you are capable of becoming.

Coaching as a Management Skill

This interactive workshop offers managers an opportunity to envision how they can develop a coaching culture by discovering the inherent benefits of a “solution-focused” model of coaching.

Employee Engagement Through Leadership: Energizers and Multipliers

Using experiential learning approach, this approach will provide an opportunity to examine two different types of leadership-Leaders as Energizers and Leaders as Multipliers in relation to Employee Engagement.

Leadership and Emotional Agility

This workshop will help participants understand why emotional agility is a critical skill set and mindset, as well as why it is crucial for leaders to understand their personal values and how they impact their emotions.

Direct Thyself: Self-Management Skills for Self-Leadership

This workshop will help you to identify various challenges in managing time. It will allow you to learn and practice techniques to help you attain more effective time management skills, in order to be able to direct your focus and energy towards activities that will allow you to achieve professional and personal goals.

Negotiation Skills

This workshop is for any professional who wants to learn the essential techniques of negotiating a contract. This would include individuals who have no experience but want to learn the fundamentals of contract negotiations, as well as those who have or will have a job that directly involves negotiating contracts. Participants will be fully engaged in applied learning exercises and self-assessments. The workshop is designed to be fun, challenging, and substantive

Selling in a Virtual Environment

This practical training will prepare you to thrive in the new normal by helping you gain the knowledge and skills needed to understand, connect with, inspire and influence others through digital channels.

Write Better - Speak Better

This workshop introduces participants to fundamental theories and practices of communication in today’s demanding and ever-changing workplace. It is designed to help participants develop stronger written, verbal and presentation skills to excel in the workplace.

Productivity and Project Management
Project Management Essentials

This skill-based workshop offers a practical ‘starter kit’ for participants in the form of tools and insights.  Participants have the chance to delve not only into the solid principles of project management, but to put these principles into practice.

Time Management: Making Time Work For You

Offered in-person.

Learn proven time management tools, techniques, and tips that will help you to reduce personal stress and increase productivity and efficiency in your workplace and personal lives.

Accounting and Finance
Budgeting and Forecasting: Understanding your Numbers

This course covers core budgeting concepts: costing methods, budget process, capital budgeting, revenue forecasting, cost accounting, budget analysis and the balanced scorecard.

Financial Accounting Essentials

This practical course aims to introduce fundamental accounting principles that govern the financial accounting system.

McGill's Level 1 CFA® Program Exam Preparation Workshop

This coaching workshop provides a lean and well-thought out CFA® Level 1 exam preparation program that will “fire up” your motivation to keep you on top of your study schedule, thereby significantly increasing your chances of passing the exam.

McGill's Level II CFA® Program Exam Preparation Workshop

This series of coaching workshops provides a lean and coherent approach to CFA® Level II exam preparation that will keep you motivated and on track, and provide strategies for increasing your chances of passing the exam. 

McGill's Level III CFA® Program Exam Preparation Workshop

This series of coaching workshops provides a lean and coherent approach to CFA® Level III exam preparation that will keep you motivated and on track, and provide strategies for increasing your chances of passing the exam. 

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