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Intellectual Property Summer Program

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Software Patents for AI & ML Technologies Webinar

Have you ever wondered whether software is patentable, what aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) implementations are patentable, and who might be very active in patenting in that space? This webinar explores how to patent computer-implemented (i.e., software) inventions in the US and Canada, as well as provides a global perspective on AI patent filing trends and explores aspects of an intellectual property (IP) strategy for AI/ML technologies, such as maintaining trade secrets versus patenting.


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Un programme d'été en PI à McGill

L'École d'éducation permanente de l'Université McGill en collaboration avec l'IPIC organise du 8 au 24 juillet prochain un programme d'été sur la propriété intellectuelle. Celui-ci porte sur l'ensemble du processus d’obtention et de respect de brevets, de marques de commerce et de droits d’auteur.


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Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright)

YCWPD 030 Understanding Patents
Learn all about patents in a course delivered in two modules. The first provides an overview of patents and patenting, while the second provides you with insight into the strategies relating to establishing and exploiting the patent system, as well as enforcing or attacking a patent.
YCWPD 031 Understanding Trademarks
Learn from Canadian, American and European practitioners about acquiring, managing and protecting trademark assets, as well as dealing with contentious proceedings.
YCWPD 029 Copyright Master Class
Copyright law has become a key consideration in our society and economy, as well as becoming increasingly complex. Legislators, courts, public institutions and businesses all struggle to address the impact of new technologies, new uses and new legal issues. Learn from some of Canada’s copyright experts and gain valuable insights into the impact of these changes, as well as practical steps to dealing with them.
“I came with high expectations of learning something practical and useful. I was not disappointed. I thank the organizers for their efforts. My time and money were well spent.”
Jerry Swather Feehely
Gastaldi Law Firm
“The Understanding Trademarks summer program is perfect for anyone who would like to further their knowledge in trademarks. IPIC and McGill successfully put together a long list of expert speakers who delivered engaging and interesting presentations, which lead to stimulating questions and discussions among the attendees. Additionally, the afternoon workshops provided us with the ability to see how to apply our recently acquired knowledge. In the end, I was able to take back useful practical tips which I look forward to implementing within my organization. Thank you IPIC and McGill!”
Jan Peiris
Counsel, Commerical Law, Air Canada


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Intellectual Property Summer Program
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