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Dynamic polyglot wins the 2014 McGill Associates Prize in Translation

Montreal, August 2014 –

According to constructivists, translator competence comes in many shapes and sizes but is not limited to language competence alone.  Much depends on life experiences and the ability to build progressively on these.  Such is the case for Smadar Brandes, the 2014 winner of the McGill Associates Prize in Translation (French-English), which is awarded annually to the student with the best academic record in the Certificate in Translation.

Published: 26 Aug 2014

Graduate Diploma in Translation: Comprehensive Evaluation CCTR 551

Students completing the Graduate Diploma in Translation (GDIT) must sit a comprehensive examination at the conclusion of the GDIT Program.  The examination consists of an oral defense of a best-work portfolio.  This portfolio represents a record of progress made by the candidate throughout his/her studies....

Published: 3 Apr 2014

Archibald, J. (30 août 2013). « Traduire le droit à la ville »

Archibald, J. (30 août 2013).  « Traduire le droit à la ville ». MONTRÉAL : 7e Institut d’été de jurilinguistique, Faculté de droit, Université McGill.

Published: 4 Oct 2013