MCLL, part of McGill University, is a non-profit, volunteer-based learning center for seniors and lifelong learners.

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MCLL is a learning center for seniors. MCLL members enjoy:

  • access to a wide range of courses (called study groups), lectures, workshops, outings, and social events, both online and in-person
  • taking part in a vibrant community of seniors, avid lifelong learners, course contributors, and volunteers
  • access to McGill facilities such as libraries and IT services, and eligibility to McGill student discounts where applicable.

MCLL Virtual Open House

Membership Benefits

Discover the many benefits of becoming an MCLL member such as access to the McGill Libray and IT support services.

Voices of Lifelong Learners

MCLL brings together a diverse group of fascinating individuals. The Voices of Lifelong Learners project aims to present captivating stories from MCLL members. These remarkable tales can serve as inspiration for future lifelong learners and promote awareness among younger generations about the rich experiences and perspectives shared by lifelong learners. Through short video segments, members share their life stories, entertaining anecdotes, and impactful social contributions. They also emphasize the vital role of MCLL in fostering a sense of community spirit and belonging.

Give to MCLL

MCLL is a non-profit organization funded by membership fees. Our special projects, to the benefit of our members and our community, depend on your generosity. Your contribution, no matter the amount, is greatly appreciated in showing your support for MCLL.

This 100-year-old is still taking classes at McGill University

To inspire members of our community, we share the amazing story of Miriam Tees, a valued member of MCLL and an avid learner.  She has taken numerous courses at MCLL and even led some classes in the past. Miriam is a perfect example of the members of our community who want to learn for the joy of it.

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