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Dear community member,

I am reaching out to you today to ask you to consider making a donation to help tide MCLL over this difficult period.

Over the past few weeks, the world as we knew it has profoundly changed. Social interaction and intellectual stimulation have always been at the core of our community and MCLL staff and volunteers have been working hard to create solutions to bring us back together and demonstrate how resilient MCLL community spirit is despite the limitations and challenges of physical distancing.

In particular, MCLL members, newcomers just as much as our longstanding stalwarts, have stepped up to show their solidarity with the overall mission of MCLL. We have focused on three main initiatives:

1. Online discussion groups

We have not only launched ten free online study groups in a matter of weeks, but we have also provided tools for our moderators and members to get familiarized and feel at ease with online learning technology through individual trainings as well as Zoom Literacy Chats. In an effort to explore more informal ways of interacting, we have been organizing Social Online Gatherings and exploring other ideas on how we can learn and have fun, stay close and connected. Most of the study groups of our first ever Online Pilot Session are full and as the session starts, we have already prepared the ground for the next one, which will be announced late in April.

2. Telephone support

We haven’t forgotten our members who do not have access to online technology. A telephone chain is being set up and our volunteers will reach out to all our 800+ members to inquire what kind of support they need to feel they are still part of MCLL.

3. Community engagement

Our Community Engagement efforts have not ceased in this time of crisis. Seniors everywhere need supportive communities and activities that will keep them engaged. We are connecting with other organizations throughout Canada to learn from each other and exchange ideas as well as with Montreal Community Sector to share what we have and who we are. We hope to reach out to and engage residences, community centers and groups who are not as fortunate as we are to have the institutional support, dedicated staff and an amazing volunteer pool.

Solidarity also needs to be financial

MCLL is a non-profit organization funded by membership fees and since our new online learning activities are free, we need to rely on the generosity of our members and our community. Please show your support for MCLL by making a contribution. All amounts welcome.

Now, more than ever, we need to demonstrate that our community spirit is strong and that it will endure and find ways to thrive even when we have to stay apart.

Thank you and kind regards,

Lorne Huston
Former President, McGill Community for Lifelong Learning




Thank you for considering a gift to the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL). There are several ways to give:


You can support MCLL by giving online. To make a donation online, use McGill’s secure and easy-to-use giving form. Your funds will go directly to MCLL.


Give by telephone using your Visa, MasterCard or American Express, please call 514-398-2787 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please specify that you’d like to give to the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning.


To give by cheque, please make it payable to “McGill University." Please specify, on the cheque, that you are giving to the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning. Send your cheque to:

Donation and Record Services,
McGill University
1430 Peel Street Montreal, Quebec
H3A 3T3

Questions or comments? We welcome your feedback.

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