Membership Benefits

MCLL Membership Benefits


MCLL Member's Card

Your key to McGill library and IT (Information Technology) services is your MCLL Member’s Card, which you can pick up at the MCLL office. Your Member’s Card, which must be renewed for every Fall and Winter term, shows your permanent 9-digit McGill ID number and the card’s expiration date (January 31 for Fall registration, September 30 for Winter). The ID number is important; It’s your identification for all McGill services, and it never changes; not even if you skip renewing your membership for a while. Member’s Card makes our students eligible for student rates in a number of places: McGill activities, concerts and plays, and some other venues around town. Just ask if it’s recognized.


Livestreamed lectures

Some MCLL lectures are livestreamed and recorded so you can enjoy them from the comfort of your home. They can be also accessed through our YouTube Channel


Special Events

Social and educational special events are organized by and for the membership. Past events include lectures by McGill faculty, art shows, annual holiday and pre-summer parties, and conferences on seniors’ learning. During the pandemic, members of MCLL are invited to join the social events remotely.


Access to Libraries

McGill LibraryThe MCLL Library Guide is a guide to help MCLL members navigate the McGill Library and discover resources to support their lifelong learning.

To obtain a library card, take your MCLL Member’s Card or a copy of the MCLL study group registration information that you received by email, plus photo ID and proof of address, to the Loan desk at any of the McGill libraries (Most of us use the Humanities and Social Sciences Library, just up from the corner of Metcalfe and Sherbrooke). You will receive, right then, on the spot, a library card with a barcode and number printed on it, and you will set up another, library PIN number. You will need the library card and PIN when you check books out at the auto-loan stations (the staff will show you how to do that), and you will need to enter both the barcode and the PIN to sign into your library account via computer.

NOTE: Your library card expires twice per year (January 31 and September 30). It will be renewed automatically if you are registered for a study group. If you’ve lost the old one, a new card will be issued. A new library registration form is not required; just take the pieces of ID above to any Loans desk.

Books are taken out for 30 days at a time. They are automatically, continuously renewed, unless another borrower has placed a hold on a book that you have checked out. CDs and DVDs may also be borrowed for 30 days and are automatically, continuously renewed.

The website also offers a wealth of information about the McGill Library system and its services, how to research a topic, and how to gain access to other resources, as well as providing links to live help from librarians. Library staff are always willing to help you with any questions you may have. They can be reached by e-mail, instant messaging, or telephone. Don’t be shy about asking them for assistance; they are wonderfully patient and know more about where and how to find information than you’d ever have thought possible.

MCLL has our very own Liaison Librarian: April Colosimo april.colosimo [at]

Important note: You need the McGill Library card to access physical objects. You need your McGill e-mail address to access the wealth of electronic items available. For more information please visit The MCLL Library Guide.


Information Technology (I.T.) Services

MCLL IT SupportSome MCLL members are proficient with computers. Most of us aren’t. The IT people at McGill can help with the most esoteric or the most elementary problems about computing, and, like the library staff, display saintly patience, especially when dealing with old folks.

IT matters are hard for the novice to sort out. Here, we’ll just cover some very basic points, and tell you where to go to find out more.

You will find an introduction to McGill IT services in the brochure, IT Services for New Students, available at the ICS walk-in desk or online at where you can also watch video orientations to the services. Like many of the McGill sites, the videos are designed more for regular undergraduate students than for MCLL members, but they’re worth looking at.

There are computers available for student use (that includes us) at a number of places on campus, including most of the libraries. You may be asked to show your MCLL Member’s Card and a photo ID to use them. The most convenient spots for MCLL members are at the Humanities and Social Sciences (used to be called the McLennan) Library and in the Computer Lab on the 12th floor of our own building, 688 Sherbrooke West. The 12th floor lab, which is usually less crowded than the library labs, is open weekday afternoons from noon to 5:00, and staff are on hand to give help if needed.

If you are having computer problems at home or away, you can consult the ICS Service Desk during office hours by telephone at (514) 398-3398. All they’ll ask for, online or by phone, will be your McGill ID number (the one on your MCLL card).

Go to McGill IT


Rory O'Sullivan DVD Collection

The family of the late Rory O’Sullivan has generously donated his personal collection of opera and music DVDs for the pleasure and enjoyment of MCLL members.

 Rory played an active role at MCLL. He moderated two study groups every term, served as President in 2005-06, and was chairman of the Curriculum Committee for four years. years.

His knowledge and passion for opera, coupled with his legendary Opera Study Groups, inspired huge numbers.

Main Catalogue Supplement
Note that a print copy of the catalogue & supplement are available for consultation in the MCLL Office.

Borrowing Procedure for DVDs

Just as with McGill library privileges, this DVD collection is available to full MCLL members only. 

Members will have to fill out a copy of the DVD Borrowing Request Form to borrow DVDs from the collection. The completed form should be sent to mcll.scs [at] or submitted in person to office staff or volunteers.

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