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Negotiation Skills for Women: How to Successfully Negotiate in the Workplace

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 12:00to13:00

After 5 waves of COVID-19 and frequent lockdowns, Canada is facing a widespread labour shortage. Organizations from across sectors are struggling to find employees, and qualified professionals have become a hot commodity. This means that opportunities abound for workers, including women who had to leave the workforce due to the pandemic and who now are ready to get back to work, switch into a new field, or advance their careers.

No matter what a woman’s goals are, when it comes to career, negotiation skills are critical. Skills in negotiation can help women land a better job, earn higher salaries, and enjoy better working conditions. Yet, according to Forbes, gender differences in negotiation outcomes may be one of the largest contributors to the gender pay gap. Add to this that 20% of women never negotiate at all according to Harvard Business Review.

So how can we empower more women to effectively negotiate in the workplace? During this interactive webinar, Fabiola Tassy, Lawyer and Negotiator at WSP will offer practical advice, strategies, and tools to help women successfully negotiate in the workplace to achieve desired goals.

The welcome remarks will be delivered by Carola Weil, PhD, Dean of Continuing Studies at McGill University.

Topics will include:

  • How to effectively prepare for any negotiation
  • The 4 key letters in negotiation: HISC (Human, Interests, Solutions, Criteria)
  • How to clarify your Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)


About Fabiola Tassy

Since 2005, Fabiola Tassy has worked in organizations such as Thomson Reuters, Pratt & Whitney and Siemens. Fabiola currently works as Senior Legal Counsel at Golder Associates Ltd, a member of WSP. She is also an instructor at McGill University where she teaches workshops on negotiation and on managing risks through contracts.

Throughout her career, Fabiola has negotiated various types of international agreements in various sectors of the economy, such as aerospace, energy, construction, procurement, and corporate/commercial transactions. Fabiola is recognized for her strong business acumen and her ability to effectively find creative solutions to complex issues. Sports have always been a major part of her balanced life, including running a few marathons and online yoga journeys.

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