A Recipe for Successful Continuing Education

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When I think of any special holiday, the first thing that comes to my mind is baking and cooking. I recall the smells, the taste, the joys, and frustrations of preparing and eventually tasting new and old recipes, passed down across generations and friends... or the internet. Like those holiday cookies or special dishes, success in continuing education is based on a good recipe. And just like those food recipes, the ingredients for continuing education vary from person to person. Every continuing education recipe is unique – dependent on location, background, and interests of the learner. Some of us stick exactly to the recipe, or in the case of education, a study plan. Others take a more flexible approach, perhaps trying out different programs or courses, or combining a variety of skill sets.

Some recipes might not work out so well from time to time -- like my German Lebkuchen cookies which would have served les Canadiens well as hockey pucks- and others you just want to keep eating and making over and over again. But this is part of the joy of experimentation, of exploration: the discovery of new tastes, of new knowledge, and of the sense of accomplishment that comes with success.

At the School of Continuing Studies, we provide some of the ingredients for successful learning. Our learners, faculty, instructors, and staff each add their own elements to the recipe of lifelong education. No two learning experiences are exactly alike, but they all stand on a mix of highest quality ingredients. We take pride not only in the dedication of our learners, academic and administrative staff, alumni, and friends of McGill’s School of Continuing Studies, but thrive on the wonderful diversity of different heritages, cultures, experiences, ages, personal and professional paths that each one adds to the mix.

Together we wish you and yours a peaceful holiday season, end of year, and a wonderful new year of successful continuing education recipes ahead!


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